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11eyes: Sin, Damnation and the Atonement Girl (イレブンアイズ: 罪と罰と贖いの少女 Irebunaizu: Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo) is the original 2008 story of 11eyes for PC. In 2009, Lass released a X360 version of the game, entitled 11eyes CrossOver, removing the adult content and added a new story, which also occurs at the same time with the previous one. The game is a spiritual sequel of Lass' second product: 3days.

Story arcs

Sin, Damnation and the Atonement Girl


Main article: Sin, Damnation and the Atonement Girl

After losing his sister seven years ago, Kakeru Satsuki led a vacant life, only able to return to his normal days with help from his childhood friend Yuka Minase and other friends at school.

Suddenly one day the sky turns red and the moon turns black. Everyone around Kakeru and Yuka disappear and monsters start roaming the streets. They are only able to run away and hide and after a while, the world returns to normal. But just when they thought this world was a dream, the Red Night occurs again. Kakeru and Yuka manage to find four other humans involved in this mysterious phenomenon: Misuzu Kusakabe, a red-haired onmyouji swordswoman, Kukuri Tachibana, a strange mute girl who looks like Kakeru's deceased sister, Yukiko Hirohara, a lively young girl who reverts to the personality of a cold killer when her glasses are removed, and Takahisa Tajima, a young pyrokineticist with a heated attitude to boot.

They get together and try to survive, but six shadows suddenly appear in front of them...

Game system

The game use a standard visual novel system, which is following the story through the viewpoint of the main character until the end. Based on the idea of the Eye of Aeon of Kakeru, the game added a special function called Cross Vision, which allows the player to view the story from the viewpoint of another character at different times.

Throughout the course of the game, the player will also be opted to make a decision, which either lead to another route or simply end the story with a bad ending. However, unless the player chooses to unlock the True Ending, no matter which route has been chosen beforehand, the game's finale will be the same.

In the 2008 PC version, choosing different routes will lead the main character Kakeru to have feelings for different heroines and eventually, have sexual intercourse with them (except from Shiori and Yuka, whom H-scenes are always available in every route). The latter is omitted in the X360 version, however, as adult contents have been removed from 11eyes CrossOver.


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Opening theme song:

Lunatic Tears... by Ayane

Insert song:

Boukyaku no Tsurugi by Ayane

Ending theme song:

Kegare Naki Yume by Asriel