11eyes manga cover

11eyes volume 1 cover

A manga adaptation of 11eyes illustrated by Naoto Ayano began serialization in the October 2009 issue of Kadokawa Shoten's Comp Ace magazine. The plot is based closely on the game, but follows Misuzu Kusakabe's route instead of the true ending in the game.

The manga consisted of three volumes making twelve issues in total.

Volume list

Volume 1:

  • Issue 1- Red Night
  • Issue 2- Kusakabe Misuzu
  • Issue 3- The Dark Knight and the Fragments
  • Issue 4- Determination
  • Issue 5- Fierce Fight

Volume 2:

  • Issue 6- For Friends and Tomorrow’s Sake 
  • Issue 7- Kusakabe’s Blood
  • Issue 8- Moving World

Volume 3:

  • Issue 9- Kusakabe Misao
  • Issue 10- Lieselotte Werckmeister
  • Issue 11- Reality
  • Issue 12- End



  • An English translation of the 11eyes manga is available on
  • The beginning of the Manga translation calls the Black Knights, 'Dark Knights'. It eventually returns to calling them Black Knights as it progresses.
  • Acedia's fight with the characters is not shown as it was in the anime or the visual novel.
  • Takahisa in the anime and manga are incredibly different in personality as one is more likeable. However, both suffer the same fate.
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