This article covers 11eyes Wiki's policies.

Text editing

  • Speculations should be kept to a minimum since the wiki's information needs to be as authentic as possible.
  • Articles titles for a character should not include titles or ranks, only the character's name. Titles should not use abbreviations; abbreviations should be left to redirects.
  • Historical accounts in the past tense. For example:
After Verard's death, Liselotte wanders around the world to find the fragments of the Emerald Tablet.

This would be inappropriate since the event that the sentence refers to has since happened. It would be better as:

After Verard's death, Liselotte wandered around the world to find the fragments of the Emerald Tablet.
  • For easier use, we encourage using simple/fansubbing-style spelling for Japanese names. For instance, we use Shuu instead of Shū. Japanese suffixes such as '-kun', '-chan', etc. are also allowed, but only for quoting.


  • Headings should be put in bold text by using the Bold text button or by adding three " ' " in front of and behind the heading.
  • Trivia section is always at the very bottom of the page.


  • Image's names should follow the form below:
<11eyes> <series name> <target name> <type><number>.<file extension>
For example:
11eyes SDAG Kakeru Concept1.jpg
11eyes TV Misuzu Screenshot2.jpg
11eyes RF Irene CG3.png

Game images' type for special sections such as 'Abilities' can be use names such as 'Def' and 'Atk' or anything else, as long as they are comprehensible.

  • Images should be put in their respective category.
  • Do not upload duplicate images. A duplicate is any lower quality version of an existing image. Replacing an image with a higher quality version is permitted.
  • New images should depict something that no existing image does, perhaps in terms of the act depicted or point of view.
  • Uploaded images have to be used in an article. Images which serve no purpose will be marked for deletion within 24 hours.
  • To prevent the site from displaying the wrong preview image for an article, a page should only images of its own content.
  • Fan works are not suitable for general use on the wiki. They may still be uploaded but their numbers should be limited and their use confined to user images and pages.

Other policies

  • Using code view for editing is recommended, but new editors unused to wiki-formatting can use Rich Text Editing.
  • Minor sexual contents are allowed to a certain extent, provided they are plot-related. However, uploading H-scenes or quoting sexual lines from the game is strictly prohibited.
  • Refrain from making random corrections such as inputting a typo mistake on purpose and then correct it to earn achievements wrongly.
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