This is a list of projects which need to be done on 11eyes Wiki. If you see another project that needs doing, please add it to the list below. If you have accomplished a task, please remove it.

  • As 11eyes: Resona Forma's release date is set, more information about the game is needed, including:
  • Some characters are missing or lacking information in the "Appearance" section. You can start with adding those missing parts into the pages below:
  • Fill in the list of events of Sin, Damnation and the Atonement Girl and Hollow Mirror Field. The lists should only include a very short summary of the events that took place.
    • Create pages for After Stories and Before Story, using the same format. After Stories are to be split into six pages for six routes.
  • Create pages for songs with vocals (e.g OP, Ed, insert song, character song). Those pages should include:
    • A brief summary of the meaning of the song.
    • Song's information
    • Lyrics in Romaji, Kanji and English translation.
    • Official video (if any)
  • Expand the article Magic.
  • Add the effects of spells of Modern magic.
  • Create a page about Lass.
  • Create a page for the manga which includes a short summary and chapters list. The list can use the 11eyes (anime)'s template of episodes list.
  • Create pages for characters' seiyuu. These pages should include:
    • Picture
    • Roles
    • Side information (if available)
    • Note:
      • Seiyuu whose real names are unknown can be ignored for later.
      • Information can be cited from Wikipedia, but the format should be restructured a bit.
  • Improving the wiki's content by finding and fixing up grammar mistakes or incomprehensible sentences.
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