Altar to imprison the witch

Astral Temple (精霊神殿 (アストラル・テンプル) Asutoraru Tenpuru; lit. Spiritual Temple) is a spell used by Georgius of the Rainbow in the First Battle of Ayame Hill to imprison Lieselotte Werckmeister. The spell creates a crystal altar surrounded by an impenetrable and inescapable barrier, making it a perfect prison for trapping powerful enemies. While the process is time-consuming, the result is worthwhile, as the barrier is very powerful. Lieselotte's arm was blown off even though she only had touched the barrier with just a finger.

In the anime , Lisette was capable of cracking the barrier if Avaritia was not actively maintaining the barrier, but upon his return, he could instantly repair the damage as well as make her unconscious. Also, Yukiko's Fragment was tossed into the crystal to free the witch, whereas before it simply drew in Yukiko when she went too close to it.

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