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Ayamegaoka (綾女ヶ丘市 Ayamegaoka) is a sub-urban city where the events of 11eyes occurred. It is divided by Ashihara river into two main parts: Ayamegaoka and Shin-Ayame.

The name Ayamegaoka was taken from the spectacle of the city in May, when Irises (菖蒲 Ayame) bloomed around the city.


The whole area, beside being the place where the whole story takes place, is also a focus point of dark magical energy, which was the sole reason for Lieselotte's choice for visiting as she need the dark energy to complete her ultimate spell of Hell Fall. Shuu Amami also noted that Ayamegaoka before 1945 was originally a land of extreme eeriness with swamps all over and the Feng Shui was so bad that not a single living creature was found. Negative energy was flooding all over. However, suddenly, all negative energy was purified and the land became habitable and prosperous. This is due to Lieselotte absorbing the energy for her spell and her sealing within the Red Night.



Ayamegaoka (綾女ヶ丘市 Ayamegaoka, lit. Hill of Irises) is the residential district of Ayamegaoka, lying at the bottom of a hill. On the upper side of the hill is a high school called Kouryoukan Academy. The long slope was called the Hill of Hell by the students who live at the bottom of the hill. In the middle of the hill is an apartment called Ayamegaoka Heights; this is where the protagonist Kakeru Satsuki lives

There is also an orphanage in Ayamegaoka called Ayame Garden (あやめ園 Ayame-En). It is where Kakeru and his sister used to live. In Kukuri Tachibana's dimension, this orphanage is connected to a laboratory that does research on the children's special powers.


Shin-Ayame (新綾女 Shin-Ayame, lit. New Ayame) is the working area of Ayamegaoka. Although people use the name Ayamegaoka to refer to the city, it is Shin-Ayame that is its true center. While Ayamegaoka is the residential district, Shin-Ayame is where the city hall, the shopping plaza, movie theatre, and the oversized shopping mall are located, as such the city's residents have to go to Shin-Ayame to work or play. According to Kakeru, the area is the result of the Ayamegaoka's urbanization plan.

The most prominent feature of the city is a skyscraper called the Shin-Ayame Landmark Tower, which lies at the center of the area. Secretly, before it was built, the location was where a fierce battle between the apostles of Index and Lieselotte Werckmeister took place.