"O king of kings, let none escape from your breath of a thousand curses...now, and forever. Azi Dahaka!"

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Azi Dahaka (アジ=ダハーカ Aji Dahaaka) is a very powerful Sylph-Larva based spell created by Kanae Kuroshiba and used in Hollow Mirror Field arc. When Kanae chants the incantation, she draws a significant amount of power from the Artificial Emerald Tablet and a black magic circle with an eye-like symbol and a big hole at the center appears in front of her. Energy that goes into the hole are compressed to a mere minimum. When maximum compression is reached, the hole opens wide and magical power is forcefully released into a cohesive beam at high speed and explosively damaging power. From Shuu Amami's perspective, the beam writhes like a black dragon that leaves nothing should it reaches its target.

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