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The battlefield of Ayame Hill

Before Story is one of the storylines in 11eyes: Resona Forma. It's a prequel of 11eyes original storyline Sin, Damnation and the Atonement Girl.


In 1945, Georgius of the Rainbow, the infamous saint of the Holy Office of Index was summoned before pope Johanna to discuss matters concerning the Witch of Babylon, who was heading for Japan. Believing her cause to be evil, Georgius and his subordinates set out on a mission to Japan to stop her before it's too late.

The story retells what happened in Ayame Hill before the Punishment Squad became the Black Knights.

List of events


October 27th

Georgius came to London to defeat the dragon Crom Cruach. He met Misao Kusakabe for the first time who saved him.


April 1st

Georgius received Johanna's order to go to Japan and defeat Lieselotte. He informed Samson and Misao about it. The others members are informed about the mission. Misao meet Scholastica for the first time.

April 25th

The Punishment Squad started their journey to Japan, sailing across many countries.

May 3th

Georgius and Samson went to Shanghai to receive more information about Lieselotte at Fu Manchu's place.

May 5th

The ship arrived at Japan. Benedictus disabled Scholastica's hologram to prepare for combat. Georgius also prays for the safety of the mission.

May 13th

The Punishment Squad encountered Lieselotte in a gory battle, finishing with both sides disappeared from the real world.


  • This is the only route with If Story having its own ending.