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Elle Ai Elle Ai 3 August 2018

Finished 11 Eye Sin, Damnation and Atonement Girl

I finished it with the help of a guide or otherwise i never could have get a complete run.

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Rtys8 Rtys8 9 November 2014

Gosh,it's been a long time.

Unfortunately,it seems i have run into a problem with my copy of the crossover pc edition,hoping it's fixed after reinstall.

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Rtys8 Rtys8 20 September 2014

Checking on scenes past October 20th

Okay,basically,this is where the "routes" diverge. Also,couple with version differences,i think the best approach is to record down all the scenes,then arrange them in the routes,along with the version differences.

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Rtys8 Rtys8 13 September 2014

Well,finally done with all of the scenes on October 8th

  • Phew,that was hard work.

But now,we get a feel of how clumsily fragile the interactions of the Fragments of the Void was like.

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Rtys8 Rtys8 24 August 2014

Okay, this is a bit of a problem....

Seriously.....is this safe to be on Youtube?

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Rtys8 Rtys8 23 August 2014

Another one accomplished,but what a long journey...

Ok.....now that i am done with Yuka's crossover scene of: For the one she loves October 8th .

This is why i wanted this translated,so everyone can understand the real story of 11EYES.There's just too much that could'nt be simply told without reading it in detail.

Ok,i know my translations are mainly from the inferior chinese script,so i tried to patch up many various inaccuracies with the JP script.

The chinese script sometimes loses the sentiments of the original,like in that scene,where Yuka mentally calls out Kakeru's name three times in a row.

This was one of the indications she isn't mentally sound and was possibly yandere for him.

I know,i dont have knowledge of JP as a language,so there will be inaccuracies,but i want to believe i can de…

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Rtys8 Rtys8 14 August 2014

Well,back but......

(Insert Rant about Midway Event in Kancolle here.)

Ok,basically,when a Slice of Life scene takes a few months to translate,that's when you know this work is really boring.

As for why i won't skip scenes-that's the thing,alot of small details that covers alot of things are littered everywhere in EVERY scene.I want to try bring the whole truth out for people to see.Most of the critisim of the anime would'nt even have had been spoken of if they were able to understand how the original story was in the game.

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Rtys8 Rtys8 11 July 2014

Wearing out again.....

After that awesome in the Red Night, we have Oct 8 Recovery......

Recently,ive also getting bored in Kancolle,which i was using to ease the boredom from translating this.

I need a break from this i think....

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Rtys8 Rtys8 28 June 2014

Awesome's just right ahead....


Well,that was a bit long,but it was fine..

Strangely, i'm missing those clips which i had uploaded for the next scene from Youtube,it dissapeared?


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Rtys8 Rtys8 14 June 2014

FINALLY! We are back in the Red Night.

Now,time to see what exactly happened in the fight vs Ira and Invidia.

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Rtys8 Rtys8 11 June 2014

Oh god.....the food! Bento time!

Oh my god.......another boring ass segment of talking about bentos.....I remember this in Fate/Stay Night....how on earth did they translate theirs!?I wanna go back into the Red Night already!

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Rtys8 Rtys8 9 June 2014

Okay.....i'll have to aplogize a bit on some slight accuracy issues.

In my previous clip where Misuzu speaks of the Kusakabe five treasures,there may have been a slight inaccuracy,will countercheck with the chinese wiki.... The one i am most worried about is Kannagiri and Kashagiri at the moment, whom which both have not much real information of.

But i need to finish that clip of hijinks and get back in being motivated first,On to OCT 7 GO! GO ! GO!

草壁一族所傳承的5把寶刀 原本是草壁七劍,但是被滅門時,草壁操把鬼切、蜘蛛切帶走,本來是每個繼承人擁有一寶,但現在美鈴就擁有全部5寶。
日本刀之祖 天國的小烏丸

天國是平安時代的名刀匠,他從愛努人的芥手刀得到啟發打造出我們所知的日本刀造型。小烏丸是傳說桓武天皇時代,伊勢神宮(就仰望半月的場景)中有一 隻240公分的靈烏,天國在打刀時就用該靈烏的羽毛放進刀身中,故名小烏丸 後來成為平氏一門的家寶,但是平氏被源賴朝消滅後,傳入平氏分支宗氏。到了明治維新後交給天皇,成為皇家御寶

火車切廣光 廣光是日本南北朝時代的名刀匠 其打刀法是屬於正宗一派 也就是相州派。該刀是有毗紗門化身的上杉謙信的寶刀之一、也是上杉35把寶刀之一,傳說中有名叫松平五右衛門的武士在幫其弟辦喪禮時,天空出現黑雲 黑雲中伸出一隻手要搶…

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Rtys8 Rtys8 1 June 2014

I am starting to wear out.

I feel tired.

Thinking about it,translating the original Sin,Damnation and Atonement girl is quite a task in of itself.I dont even know if i can last that long and finish it,let alone the other 2 stories.

Hollow Mirror Field might prove to be impossible unless someone can point me to a JP version of the script.

Resona Forma's not so big a problem,but they better be in 100% chinese if i do get there.IF i do get there......

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Rtys8 Rtys8 30 May 2014

Finally done with that 29 Minute long scene....


That was hard work,looking up so many things and so much text....

I seriously am i hoping i dont get burnt out before i finish the original game at least.....i feel kinda lonely lol.

I hope one day,someone would really come along and just do a professional translation of this franchise,then this wiki would be updated too,as well.

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Rtys8 Rtys8 26 May 2014

Well....still persisting...hopefully...


This 29 minute long ass boring segment is really boringly long,but there's important information in it.....

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Rtys8 Rtys8 11 May 2014

Okay,time for a change in situation.

Now that my course has ended,i'm back,but not yet still until i finish my exams for it.....

Anyway i just realised how dire the situation for 11eyes fans are now.

The resources out there are now so scarce it would be literally impossible for anyone to pick it up.As if the fact there isn't much interest as of this date was a big enough problem already....Venom's seems to have left as well.

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Rtys8 Rtys8 5 May 2014

Feeling tired and not much time atm...

Currently,i am on 6th October,enclosed world.

Another longass segment.

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Rtys8 Rtys8 5 April 2014

Back at it....

Geez,even when put into segments,the script of 11eyes is horrendously boring....

I feel burnt out already from having to go through rather long and boring,yet necessary slice of life scenes.

Finally got to Pyrokinesis on the 5 of OCT.

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Rtys8 Rtys8 7 March 2014

Taking a slight break.....

Due to the E-50M special and some clarifications needed from the PSP versions, my translations are on the backburner, if anyone cares or knows.

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Rtys8 Rtys8 22 February 2014

This will be the last chance at 11Eyes.


Hi,this is me Rtys8,doing a CHG to ENG translation playthough,starting off from where Thule Society Translation left it at.

It's still a work in progress,but i just finished the 10th segment.

It's a translation journey of sorts,so i don't really feel like doing QCs or going back to do spell checks.

(I would still fix them if pointed out,though.)

As of this date,most interest in 11eyes has dried up and died out.I am no exception.I really hope i can finish translating this game.

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Rtys8 Rtys8 19 January 2014

Reference material 2

リーゼロッテ・ヴェルクマイスター 暗黒魔術,沸騰する混沌より冒涜の光を呼び寄せん!原初の闇より生まれし万物を、今、その座に還さん! 火炎,始原の焔(オムニウム・プリンキピア)ッ!!!

草壁操 イタチの式神,オンキリカクヤソワカ、:御奉るは息絶つ神、元亨利貞 鷹の式神,寒(かん)の病葉(わくらば)、:烏鷺(うろ)の椿―:鷹田(とがり)の習いに、劫(こう)を攫(か)く!!:剣峰鷹隼(けんぽうようせん)―急々如律令! 火の鳥の式神,玉帝勅吾(ぎょくていちょくご)―:愛宕の山に羽々(はば)追えば、:勝軍(しゃぐじ)魔縁の山神楽!:火焔呪―急々如律令! 飛翔術,青魂青龍(せいこんせいりゅう)―:乙卯(いつぼう)の気色を以って、天翼を得ん!//劫の眼を使った駆も使用可能。 飛刀術「奔月」,奔月! 吼丸,忌剣、吼丸(ほえまる)! 暁鴉,忌剣、暁鴉(あけがらす)!//劫の眼を使った駆も使用可能。 友切,一身八頭、宇佐八幡が忌む名を以って、:千胴を落とし、鬼骨を断つ:忌剣、友切! 蟲喰,忌剣、蟲喰(むしくい)! 夜駆け,忌剣、夜駆け!//美鈴も使用可能 斬月,忌剣、斬月!//美鈴も使用可能 八握脛,忌剣、八握脛(やつかはぎ)!//美鈴も使用可能。 天剣草壁(防御),天剣、草壁!

草壁美鈴 捕縛,十五雷正法、三運、禁! 小烏丸天国召喚,牡籥(かぎ)かけ闔(とざ)す総光の門―――:七惑七星(しちわくしちせい)が招きたる、由来艸阜(そうふう)の勢―――:巨門零零(こもんれいれい)、急ぎて律令の如く成せ―――:千歳の儔(ともがら)、小烏丸天国(こがらすまるあまくに)! 火炎,火焔呪ッ、急々如律令ッ! 式神攻撃,北帝勅吾(ほくていちょくご)―――:千鳥や千鳥、伊勢の赤松を忘れたか――― 火車切広光召喚,牡…

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Rtys8 Rtys8 19 January 2014

Reference material


最初に神殿らしき場所に入った時の呪法 ―――火焔呪、急々如律令!

イタチの式神召喚 オンキリカクヤソワカ、御奉るは息絶つ神―――元亨利貞


小烏丸天国の場合 ※(牡籥かけ闔す総光の門、七惑七星が招きたる、由来艸阜の勢) 巨門零零、急ぎて律令の如く成せ―――千歳の儔、小烏丸天国

火車切広光の場合 ※ 廉貞零零、急ぎて律令の如く成せ―――千歳の儔、火車切広光

雷切の場合 ※ 文曲零零、急ぎて律令の如く成せ―――千歳の儔、雷切

鉋切長光の場合 ※ 禄存零零、急ぎて律令の如く成せ―――千歳の儔、鉋切長光

真打・童子切安綱の場合 ※ 武曲零零、急ぎて律令の如く成せ―――千歳の儔、真打・童子切安綱

雷切解放 五雷神君奉勅―――我が(汝が)剣に歳星の気を宿さん!

雷切―――防御壁 五雷神君の天心下り、十五雷の正法を生ず―――天地万物の理をもちて如何なる外法もここに堰く―――十五雷正法、ニ直―――禁!!

雷切―――強力な攻撃 五雷神君奉勅―――五雷神君の天心下り、十五雷の正法を生ず:邪怪禁呪、悪業を成す精魅―――天地万物の理をもちて、微塵と成す!十五雷正法―――十二散、禁!

式神召喚 北帝勅吾―――千鳥や千鳥、伊勢の赤松を忘れたか―――

火車切広光解放 護身破敵とともに、過災を除かむることを請う―――神隠す十拳の如く火産霊び、火車来々、焔羅に送らん! (一の閃!二の閃!三の祓い! 水克火―――急々如律令(グラ戦))


小烏丸天国解放 草木一切、天帝のものならば、いづくか鬼の棲なるべき―――

小烏丸天国―――強力な技 八咫の黒羽の風切り羽―――新羅に化生す万象を斬れ!

火天墜衝中和 黒精玄武――― 癸亥の気色を以って調伏せん 急々如律令!


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Rtys8 Rtys8 16 January 2014

It's pretty desserted.

Well,i'm afraid i'm the only out there left trying to eke away at this VN. As of this date,most fans of 11eyes are gone. All's seemingly left is me and Venom00 here. I tried contacting the translation team,but it seems we fell out fo contact...that,or i pissed them off....

I was'nt really confident enough i could last the whole journey of 11eyes,or even translate H-Scenes.

Did'nt help the game in actuality,was quite.....average.

It's no Fate/Stay Night,but given the massive amounts of moeroge out there,i say this is one of the better ones for those who like this kinda shounen stuff.

So,i'll rather have more stuff like Princess Waltz around,cause no one knows when something worth to be called an epic like Fate/Stay Night would ever appear again…

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The Snowbold The Snowbold 29 August 2013

The Manga: What you would have liked to have seen in it?

Hey all, Kuir here again with another topic for discussion. After having finally read the manga in full, I now ask, what would you guys haveliked to have seen in it?

For myself:

I wished they showed more of the things around Misuzu and Kakeru that were happening. Granted, I liked that this story had Misuzu as the main character and Kakeru ended up with her (an improvement on the anime). There was just so much missing though.

Acedia's fight and death was not in there. Nor was Avaraitia's, which was a bummer when they showed him in the backround covered in flames in the lead up to the fight you didn't see.

All these things that just were left out made the manga suffer since it was only twelve issues, and like the anime, which was not enough to c…

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The Snowbold The Snowbold 27 July 2013

How did you first encounter 11eyes?

Hey all! Kuir here with another amazing question:

How did you get into 11eyes?

How did you hear about it?

What venue did you experience it, and when did you start to check out the others?

Me first then:

On Avatar Wiki, a fan used Misuzu's character as a pic for their own fanon character. Combined with Crunchyroll showing it after I finished School Days, one thing led to another!

I checked the wiki soon after and am trying to get the games for myself.

Now your turn!!!

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The Snowbold The Snowbold 17 May 2013

The Anime: What you would have wanted to see?

Hello al! Kuir here!

It is quite clear that the anime adataion was not so successful and was heavily criticized in comparison to its visual novel. So my question is what you would have wanted to see and if maybe more episodes would be better. So here is a place to put what you think would have been better in the story.

I'll go first:

For one: The Larvae were completely unintimidating. The blobs might have gotten away with it in the first episode, but they should have made them tougher as the show went on. In the second episode, you see massive ones flying above, why not fight them? And also change them a bit in behavior. Maybe they are attacking to push them towards Lieselotte and give a reason why they dont attack the Black Knights.

Kakeru's …

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Venom00 Venom00 4 August 2012

Archive 4

  • 1 You wish
  • 2 HAVE YOU
  • 3 Actually
  • 4 lol
  • 5 I wonder
  • 6 You almost got it right
  • 7 No and not sure what you are talking about
  • 9 I think I sorta
  • 10 Correction
  • 11 Thanks for
  • 12 DOES IT
  • 13 Apparently because
  • 14 Do you know
  • 15 Nope
  • 16 Okay
  • 17 About Francine
  • 18 H.P. Lovecraft
  • 19 Kekkai-kekkai-kekkai
  • 20 Nope
  • 21 I did
  • 22 Don't worry
  • 23 So I
  • 24 ABOUT
  • 25 The second part
  • 26 I wanted
  • 27 Okay
  • 28 No
  • 29 I'm doing
  • 30 Hmm
  • 31 I think
  • 32 I did
  • 33 I see which part
  • 34 huh huh huh huh, Ok
  • 35 That's
  • 36 According to the BBS
  • 37 I think
  • 38 I will
  • 39 In Sophia's words
  • 40 Thanks
  • 41 Sister
  • 42 I wondered
  • 43 Okay
  • 44 There is a CG
  • 45 Okay
  • 46 I saw
  • 47 Hm
  • 48 I have a question
  • 49 Thanks
  • 50 SORRY
  • 51 I'M REALLY
  • 52 WHO IS
  • 53 WHAT
  • 54 SO THERE
  • 55 This
  • 56 Do you know
  • 57 I will
  • 58 Generally
  • 59 Jishou
  • 60 In the anime

the BBS is highly Japanese, so naturally people who posted there are all J…

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Venom00 Venom00 4 August 2012

Archive 3

  • 1 So Yuka
  • 4 That's so true
  • 5 I'm agree with you
  • 6 ARE THEY?
  • 7 So to amount to Yuka
  • 8 So it wasn't only for Kakeru
  • 9 Yes but
  • 10 Hahaha
  • 11 I mean
  • 12 Okay so
  • 13 Speaking about
  • 14 Ah I see
  • 16 I thought
  • 17 Ah ok
  • 18 Yes
  • 19 WHO?
  • 20 I understood
  • 21 Ah okay but
  • 22 Kaori and Tadashi
  • 23 Ok
  • 24 So Sophia
  • 25 Yes, it's sure
  • 26 Yes but
  • 27 It's sad
  • 28 So it will
  • 29 It's boring
  • 30 I have
  • 31 And will
  • 32 Cool
  • 33 Can
  • 34 I saw
  • 35 Thanks
  • 36 By the way Have the files
  • 37 Okay but
  • 38 Okay thanks
  • 39 It's maybe
  • 40 In fact
  • 41 Ok
  • 42 Yes but
  • 43 DOES THIS
  • 44 I MEANT
  • 45 Larvaes
  • 46 Hohoho
  • 47 Okay so
  • 48 About
  • 49 So
  • 50 Okay
  • 51 Funny
  • 52 One more thing
  • 53 Ah yes
  • 54 Let's put it this way
  • 55 By the way
  • 56 Fu Manchu's origin
  • 57 The Void Stone
  • 58 Can you give me
  • 59 According to
  • 60 I wondered how you got your view back…
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Venom00 Venom00 4 August 2012

Archive 2

  • 1 Probably
  • 2 OK, corrections
  • 3 Nanako and Hirohara issue.... a suprising discovery again!.
  • 4 Just found out
  • 5 Contract of the Rainbow
  • 6 Misconception
  • 7 Index
  • 8 Pallida Mors
  • 9 You said scene
  • 10 I didn't read extensively
  • 11 You means
  • 12 Well, the plus side is
  • 13 Liz's spell
  • 14 Yeah
  • 15 Well
  • 16 I think what missing is
  • 17 Kakeru
  • 18 That's the easiest phrase out of the 4
  • 19 Ok, ok
  • 20 I will be
  • 21 I can see why you were complaining
  • 22 Gomendasai :P
  • 24 Hi!
  • 25 wassup
  • 26 Finally
  • 27 Well
  • 28 You are so right
  • 29 I just made a
  • 30 Anyway
  • 31 Johanna's seiyu
  • 32 Urgh
  • 34 IT'S OKAY
  • 35 5th's title revealed
  • 36 Rumor has it
  • 37 Saw your review
  • 38 Just found this
  • 39 Found more
  • 40 Hahahaha
  • 41 Another plot twist
  • 42 Hi there Venom00
  • 43 Cool
  • 44 I would like to ask you
  • 45 Okay
  • 46 Yes
  • 47 About
  • 49 Ok…
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Venom00 Venom00 4 August 2012

Archive 1

  • 1 Welcome
  • 2 Well
  • 3 I don't know about the moe fans
  • 4 11eyes
  • 5 Confirm
  • 6 Zaibatsu Hirohara?!!!!
  • 7 I can get the rough translation
  • 8 Lyrics done
  • 9 Anime Twitter Update
  • 10 Invidia weapon?
  • 11 sup!
  • 12 Chiara
  • 13 OK
  • 14 Why?
  • 15 The catastrophy
    • 15.1 Re:
  • 16 It's OUT
  • 17 Huh, huh
  • 18 It seems like
  • 19 LOL
  • 20 Beware
  • 21 Playing right now
  • 22 Emerald Tablet
  • 23 She read it as Omocha
  • 24 Thule and Johanna are
  • 25 I have been skipping
  • 26 4 more fragments and 2 more Thule members
  • 27 But you can't deny that
  • 28 True
  • 29 XD
  • 30 Samson
  • 31 The saint part
  • 32 Inconsistence
  • 33 I was typing the info to you
  • 34 Johanna is actually

Hi, welcome to 11eyes Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Shiori Momono page.

If you need help, and there are no local admins here, you may want to visit the forums on the Community Central Wiki You can also check our St…

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