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"Welcome to Cyberiada!"


Café Cyberiada (喫茶店『ツィベリアダ』 Kitsusaten Tsuiberiada) or just Cyberiada (ツィベリアダ Tsuiberiada) for short is a cafe where Kakeru Satsuki and Yukiko Hirohara went to work. The cafe also works as a meeting place for Modern Societies Research Club's members afterwards.

In Hollow Mirror Field, if the player chose to meet Mio Kouno on September 26, Shuu and Mio would go to Cyberiad to talk about Shuu's grandfather, the creator of modern magic. In addition, Mio chose to go to the cafe due to Yuka's recommendation of its menu, the Rose Cake.


Cyberiada's interior

Cyberiada is famous to the people of Ayamegaoka for its exquisite coffee and cakes, which were developed by the owner couple of the shop. In the game, however, the characters only meet the master, Takahiro Kuroda. His wife has never appeared, although the waitress uniform and the cake recipes were said to be her ideas. The wife was also said to be several years younger than the master and she just gave birth to their child. She is revealed being Nanako Chikami from 3days in Kukuri's After Story from Resona Forma.

During the events of Red Night, the members of Modern Societies Researching Club, consist of Kakeru Satsuki, Yuka Minase, Misuzu Kusakabe, Kukuri Tachibana, Yukiko Hirohara and Takahisa Tajima, use the cafe as a temporary meeting place aside from the club room in their school. It was when the master was astounded of Kukuri and Misuzu's beauty, especially Misuzu's, and recommend them the hidden menu of the shop.

On October 28, Takahisa went berserk after witnessing his guardian's death. During his outbreak, Cyberiada was unfortunately burnt down. However, it is seen rebuilt anew at the end of Sin, Damnation and the Atonement Girl.

Cyberiada Rhapsody

Yuka and Kukuri wearing the waitress uniforms

On October 16, all the female characters of Sin, Damnation and the Atonement Girl (except for Kaori Natsuki, who didn't know about this occasion) were allowed to try the uniform and have it for free. Most of them consider it cute and have no trouble being dressed in it. Even an introvert girl such as Shiori Momono was jealous seeing others wearing this uniform.

Misuzu, on the other hand, views the uniform as embarrassing and furiously rejected being told to try it on. Nonetheless, due to losing a card game, she was ultimately forced to wear it. Takahisa, however, wasn't satisfied enough seeing Misuzu in the uniform, so he pretended that his hands slipped and flipped Misuzu's skirt, which angered her and tempted her to kill him.


  • In the anime, Cyberiada is seen only once when Kakeru and Yuka see Yukiko working there. Kakeru mentioned that he worked there but did not work the one time the cafe was shown. The ending credits also had a scene of Yuka, Kukuri and Misuzu wearing the uniforms as well.