"Oh how I've waited for so long... My sister has finally come back."

- Chiara upon Ursula's return.(src)

Chiara Francesca
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Chiara Francesca (キアラ・フランチェスカ Kiara Furansesuka) is a sub character of Shiori After Story. She is Index's chamberlain and pope Johanna's personal secretary. However, even if she is showed to work in magus's side, she is a normal human.


Chiara has pink hair and green eyes. She usually wears a white uniform, which is similar to the battle mage uniform that Ursula of the Bookshelf wears. During her return, Ursula complimented that Chiara had become more beautiful, which implied that her looks had changed in the one-year course of time when Ursula had been on a mission. This, however, might only be a compliment that shows how much Ursula has changed after her mission.


Despite being only 19 years old by the time of Ursula's return, Chiara has the characteristics of an older sister and, most prominently, a caring mother. She cares for Ursula's well-being as if she was her little sister, trying to make her act more like an ordinary girl. Workwise, she is a hardworking secretary and a faithful believer. She is also showed having an intimate relationship with Sophia, despite their personalities, as their priority is Ursula's happiness, even though she is still loyal to Johanna.


Chiara is, from the viewpoint of Shiori, a normal girl in all aspects. She was born in a normal family, grew up in a normal town, and possessed nothing extraordinary aside from working for the most secret and powerful organization in the world. However, it is because of that that Chiara was an irreplaceable mental support for her. Shiori views her as an older sister, as well as mother.



Ursula of the Bookshelf: Chiara is very close to Ursula. She saw as a younger sister for her and welcomed her when she returned to Index. She would do anything to make her happy and keep her safe.

Sophia Measley: Sophia and Chiara are on good terms. They have different personalities, tastes, and even means of doing things, but both wish Ursula to be happy and out of trouble.

Johanna: Chiara is her secretary, and they share a good mutual relationship. Chiara is unconditionally loyal to her as her personal hand. That's the reason why she didn't follow Ursula as Sophia did.



  • In one Cross Vision scene, it is revealed that Chiara is so familiar with using computers that she is horrible in writing a letter in the traditional way.
  • Her seiyuu, Kokoro Koike, also did Ema's.
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