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Other names

King of Kings


600BC or 576BC


December, 530 BC




Jingorou Tatsumaki

Cyrus (キュロス Kyurosu) is a sub character in 11eyes: Resona Forma, If Story arc, made after the real life Cyrus the Great. He was the founder of the Achaemenid Empire, and more importantly, one of the previous bearers of the Eye of Aeon. He was summoned by Verard as an avatar in the battle against 90,000 crusaders, as his conquering skills was unrivaled. Upon his materialization, Cyrus told Verard that domination was only a fleeting dream. However, Verard responded by saying that a king's responsibility was to show his might in the right time, a view that Cyrus deemed interesting. Cyrus agreed to fight once again, using his tactical skills to confuse the crusaders, enabling Béziers archers to get the upper hand against them.

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