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Drasuvania (ドラスベニア Dorasubenia) is a fictional Eastern Europe country in the world of 11eyes. It is the home country of Verard and Yukiko Hirohara.


Drasuvania has been suffering from constant wars ever since the Middle Ages, as it lies at the border between Europe and Asia. The only reason that the country still stands today is that it was protected by generations of kings who had a magical golden right eye, namely the Eye of Aeon. The most well-known king during this period was Verard, who successfully defended the country from invaders not only by the power of the Eye, but also the help of a mysterious figure known as The Fire Witch.

The Demon and the Witch

Verard was considered a hero, but the people nowadays, both fellow countrymen and foreigners, still refers to him as the Golden Eyed Demon King, as he was a merciless and brutal king who even ordered his soldiers to "kill everyone standing and skewer all who begs for mercy". His brutality resulted in his death in 1459, caused by one of his most trusted retainer. Verard's head was then cut off and brought to the enemy's territory as a trophy to mock his past actions. The head was recovered some time later, but no one was able to confirm the existence of his right eye, as the Eye had already passed onto the next bearer.

Yukiko the child soldier

The modern Drasuvania Federation is less as chaotic. However, border conflicts still happen frequently, causing a large part of the population to become soldiers. Continuous wars gradually make Drasuvania's need for manpower soar. As a result, they had to train child soldiers, making them into suicide bombers to protect the land.


  • In the anime, there is a scene where Verard and Lieselotte looking down a burning Drasuvania, but the view was that of Béziers. It is unknown whether it was a mistake or the producers simply wanted to make reference of Lisette's hometown, as they did not have enough space to retell her past story.