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"Do you mind if I hug you, brother?"

- Ema Tajima.(src)

Ema Tajima
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August 13, 1995















Family and

Takahisa Tajima (older brother)
Kayano Tajima (biological mother)


Kokoro Koike

Ema Tajima (田島 恵麻 Tajima Ema) is a main character from Takahisa After Story and a sub character in Yukiko After Story. She is a first year student at Kouryoukan Academy, the biological daughter of Kayano Tajima and the younger sister of Takahisa Tajima.


Like the rest of her family, Ema has gray hair and red eyes; her irises are slightly more pink compare to Takahisa Tajima. Her hair is about waist-lengthed, tied into a pony tail with a pink ribbon. Part of her bangs falls between her eyes. The left sideburns is longer than the right one.

In her uniform, she wears black socks with a small, white plus sign on the right and left side. Her casual clothes consists of a long-sleeved t-shirt with white and black stripes, a black vest, black shorts, socks, and sneakers. She sometimes wears a white hat, a bit like Kukuri Tachibana.


Like Yukiko Hirohara, Ema is generally energetic and cheerful, like Yukiko, both to her friends and the children at the orphanage. She is very attached to her Takahisa Tajima because of the past events. Because of Takahisa's runaway, Ema has since been trying to be independent and do everything by herself. Despite this, she still longs for the reconciliation of her family, mainly between her brother and her mother.


During Ema's childhood, she was frequently sexually abused by her father and Takahisa Tajima was the only one who actually cared for her. After an event when Takahisa accidentally burnt the house down with his newly awakened power while trying to save his sister from their father, they had to move to Ayame Garden. However, Takahisa ran off from the orphanage not long after that, as he feared that his power would also kill his sister like how he killed his father. One year after the events of Red Night which Takahisa had been a part of, Ema enrolled in Kouryoukan Academy as a first year, finally meeting her brother again. She also works a part-time in a ramen shop.



Takahisa Tajima

Ema is Takahisa's younger sister. When Ema was abused by her father, Takahisa had to save her by burning him to death. Then they ran away from home, causing them to live on the streets in winter. Then they were put in an orphanage, but not too long, Takahisa ran away from the orphanage, thinking he would kill his sister. Ema then has been trying to be independent. When she enrolls in the same school that Takahisa was in, she was happy to see him again. She loved her older brother a lot, who took care of her to the orphanage and wanted him to reunite with their mother.

Yukiko Hirohara

Takahisa Tajima introduced Yukiko to her and they get along well.

Kayano Tajima

Kayano is the biological mother of Takahisa Tajima and Ema. Despite the past events, with her father who abused her, Ema seemed love her mother. She wanted her brother and mother to reunite, but Takahisa coldly rejected Kayano and got mad at Ema as well, who began crying.

Later on, when he promised that he would make his mother happy and apologized, she felt better.

Kakeru Satsuki

The two of them don't have much interactions with each other, but they seem to get along well, and she thanks him for helping with the Festival, which made Takahisa Tajima furious. In Takahisa's route of Resona Forma, Kakeru Satsuki describes Ema as a 'symbol of peace'.


Ema works for Kuni-chan in his ramen restaurant at part-time and they seem to be in good terms.


  • The name Ema means "favor, benefit" (恵) (e) and "hemp" (麻) (ma).
  • Ema's surname Tajima means "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta) and "island" (島) (shima/jima).


  • In a cross vision scene of Takahisa Tajima in SDAG, Ema is mentioned.
  • Ema shares the same Seiyuu with Chiara Francesca.
  • Ema's orphanage was the same that Kakeru Satsuki, Yuka Minase and Kukuri Tachibana went.
    • Nevertheless, she seems to be not having to suffer of the incident.
  • In the anime, Ema's existence is never mentioned because the reason why Takahisa became orphan is that Takahisa has just been abandoned by his parents because of his powers.
  • Except Takahisa's route and Yukiko Hirohara's route, Ema doesn't appear in the others routes.