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Emerald Fragment



Emerald Tablet's fragment




Ryouichi Kusakabe (previous owner)
Tamaki Fujimi (last known owner)



The Emerald Fragment (翠玉碑の欠片 Suigyokuhi no Kakera, lit. Fragment of the Emerald Tablet) is a fragment of the Emerald Tablet which appears in 3days, 11eyes' prequel. It appears to have been embedded into the heart of 3days's main heroine, Tamaki, and gives her the power of healing.

While other fragments of the Emerald Tablet have their own names, this is the only fragment which still retains the magical properties of the original Emerald Tablet. Thus, the item was called Fragment of the Emerald Tablet to signify its uniqueness.

Originally inside a treasure vault in China, the Japanese military confiscated it during the invasion of China. It was then transported to the research facility of Ryouichi Kusakabe in Japan. It presence was the reason for Walter Dietrich's visiting of the facility hoping to covet it. After the Walter's first defeat, the dying Ryouichi ordered Miyu Hiiragi to get rid of it so Walter would not be able to get his hand on it again. Miyu promptly opened up a time-space rift with the Watch of Kairos and put the Necronomicron and the Fragment inside. Unable to manifest itself physically while inside the rift, the Fragment took form as the power of healing of Tamaki Fujimi's ancestor and is passed down from mother to daughter.