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"Your existence is a sin itself. You lot being able to set foot on this field of Phantasmagoria is the very proof of your crime."

- Acedia telling Kakeru's group the reason of them being attacked.(src)

"For my friends and for tomorrow!"

Fragments of the Void (無の欠片 Kyoumu no Kakera) or simply Fragments (欠片 Kakera) is a term the Black Knights used to refer to the protagonists of Sin, Damnation and the Atonement Girl arc who bear fragments of the VoidStone in their bodies, which give each of them unique powers.

List of Fragments

At first, it is thought that Kakeru Satsuki is also a Fragment due to his power of precognition and the ability to access Red Night. However, it was later revealed that the Eye of Aeon, the source of his power, has the same origin with the VoidStone of Lieselotte, but not a part of it.

It should be noted that although Lisette also has a fragment of the VoidStone in her body, since she is the origin of other fragments, the Black Knights don't use the name for her as she is the source.

Modernology Club

"Abandon all hope, ye who enters here."

The Fragments, or the protagonists, are well aware of the danger they are in and decided that it is best to stick together as a group so that they won't be taken out one by one. However, since a group of students from 3 different years hanging out together is too suspicious for normal people, Yukiko formed the Modernology Club (考現学部 Kougengaku) as the facade of the group.

Before a battle, they use the phrase "Tomo to Asu no Tame ni" (友と明日のために, lit. For my friends and for tomorrow) as their warcry. The phrase itself, which was invented by Yukiko, was originally in Drasuvanian language, but then changed to Japanese for easier use.


A room for otaku...?

  • The Modernology Club's room contains a large numbers of Yukiko's belongings which are actually references or anime/game-related. Known references are:

01. Oryzae-tan (Moyashimon)
02. Johannes Krauser II's costume (Detroit Metal City)
03. Bonta-kun (Full metal Panic)
04. Dango (Clannad)
05. Fuuin no Tsue ([Card Captor Sakura)
06. Searchmaton aka Sacchi (Dennou Coil)
07. Danbo (Yotsubato)
08. Chiyo chichi (Azumanga Daioh!)
09. Akira Toriyama's toxic mask
10. VirtualBoy
11. Shizuma Drive (Giant Robo)
12. Choushinsui (Dragon Ball)
13. Energy Canister (MegaMan)
14. Zero's helmet (Code Geass)
15. Alphonse Elric's helmet (Full Metal Alchemist)
16. Pon de Lion (a mascot of Mister Donut)
17. Dark Saber (Fate/Stay night)
18. Jagd Mirage equipped with Twin towers (Buster Launcher) Zoid model
19. Bench (Kuso Miso Technique)
20. The Sun in Haruhi Suzumiya
21. The Pyro's mask and hat from Team Fortress 2

  • TV Trope refers to the efforts of the group as "Nice Job Breaking It, Hero", as despite all their battles, they were actually making the end of the world come faster.