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Shiori Momono



Francine (フランシーヌ Furanshin) is a type of advanced artificial body used by Shiori Momono. It substitutes for her disabled original body, allowing her to accomplish missions given by Index. Materials that were used to make the body was most likely magical, since the skin is just as soft as a real human skin, although there is a fault that should Shiori wear anything other than silk, her skin will become sore. While the outside was almost identical to real human skin, inside it was augmented with steel frames as the body's skeleton.

In Shiori Route of 11eyes: Resona Forma, Sophia made a more advanced Francine, which is even more human-like and enables Shiori to give birth, although maintenance once in a while is still necessary.

In the anime, the name Francine was never mentioned, but Shiori still has an artificial body, albeit a doll-like one.