Lord Knight...
Color of this flower for you
Scent of this flower for you
Please don't forget

Lord Knight...
Even if fate strikes me down...
If I lose sight of myself
Look for me with those eyes, no matter how I look

Lord Knight...
If love is what gives you pain...
Let me sleep by your sword
If love is what gives you joy...
Let me give this flower, enveloping my love for you

Lord Knight...
I am right here
And so are you
Because I always remember
Your hands, your eyes, you...

Lord Knight...
Even if the world comes to end,
Even if my body rots away,
I will never forget
Therefore, convey it to your feelings
The flower that I love...
I will give them to you, the white flower...

Oh my feelings...
Reach him, wherever, wherever you are
Ride the wind, oh petals...

I love you...

-The Narrator.
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The Narrator

If Story is a miracle scenario in 11eyes: Resona Forma.


In an alternate timeline, Verard's assassination attempt in 1459 failed, but Lieselotte left Drasuvania, leaving the king alone. Five years later, he decides to turned back time to save Lieselotte from her cruel fate of becoming a witch.

The Eye of Aeon brought him to the year of 1209 where he met the pure Lisette, Lieselotte's true self. Verard saved her from being raped by the crusade. Although his fate of dying in battle did not change, this time the king was satisfied as his death finally had some meaning.

Seven years after the battle, Lisette tells the story of Béziers, as well as the heroic story of the knight who saved her to the children.

List of events


July 19th

Verard returned in the past. He saved Lisette and changed history in fighting the crusaders who invaded Béziers's town.


July 22nd

Lisette retold the story of Béziers to the younger generation.


November 26th

Drasuvania is in war. Verard's time leap and death by the hands of Index.


  • If Story is the only route in Resona Forma without H-scenes.
  • The Beziers's tragedy is actually a fact that really happened during crusade's times.
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