Kanji Amami



Modern mage

Family and

Shuu Amami (grandson)

Kanji Amami (天見 完爾 Amami Kanji) is Shuu Amami's grandfather who is mentioned a couple of times in Hollow Mirror Field. He is the creator of modern magic and also the one who taught Mio Kouno's father this type of gramary. According to Shuu, he forcefully took him from his parents and raised him to inherit modern magic and was not a pleasant old man to be with. He is also an old acquaintance of Ryouichi Kusakabe. No one knows his current whereabouts. Before his disappearance, he modified Shuu's memories so that only facts about him were retained in Shuu's head. Shuu can't remember how he looks like due to the effect of the spell.

In the Before Story arc, it is implied that Kanji used to work in China as Fu Manchu's assistant. Through Fu Manchu's words, he had been waiting for a chance to 'steal' his wisdom, which opened a possibility for Taoism being the base for modern magic. In addition, if such was the case, it is possible that Kanji taught him magic because he somehow knew from Fu Manchu that other than Lieselotte Werckmeister, Kanae Kuroshida also had her own plan being put in motion in Ayamegaoka.

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