Kannagiri Nagamitsu

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Weapon, Katana


Misuzu Kusakabe (rights relinquished)



Kannagiri Nagamitsu (鉋切長光 Kannagiri Nagamitsu) is one of the Kusakabe Seven Swords and is also the hardest. It is designed like a claspknife and can extend the blade to surprise the enemy. It is sealed inside the pinky finger's nail of Misuzu Kusakabe.


While Kannagiri had no special powers of its own, the blade speaks for extreme manmade sharpness and hardness. This sword used to belong to a samurai named Katada Matagoro in Oumi province to cut down a youkai who had disguised as a carpenter, and split the the blade of the youkai into two vertical halves. It name was later recorded in the Kyoho Meibutsu Cho, an old catalogue of the most renowned swords.

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