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Kijuurou Hirohara


Family and

Yukiko Hirohara (granddaughter)
Tsukiko Hirohara (granddaughter)
Mutsuko Hirohara (daughter)

Kijuurou Hirohara (広原 喜十郎 Hirohara Kijuurou) is the head of the Hirohara financial clique and Yukiko Hirohara's grandfather. He was the one who brought her from Drasuvania's battlefield back to Japan, freeing her from the brutal life of being a child soldier. He is said to have 256 grandchildren, only 126 of which is said to have been seen by Yukiko herself. Due to the excessive number of family members, he told Yukiko and, possibly, others of his grandchildren that he would only make them the next head if they proved themselves to be worthy enough. Kakeru Satsuki thought that it looks like a war for inheritance rather than a competition.