Kouryoukan Academy

Kouryoukan Academy (虹陵館学園 Kouryoukan Gakuen), often shortened as Niji-kou (虹校 Niji-kou, lit. Rainbow Academy), is the school of the protagonists of 11eyes.


The Academy is best known for the good view, as it lies on the top of a hill. For the students who live in the bottom of the hill, however, they have to climb the long slope everyday to get to school, which made them call the slope the Hill of Hell out of frustration.



Niji-kou's corridor

The Academy is divided into three buildings: the Standard Building, the Special Building and the Office Building, all connected by a long corridor.

The Standard Building is a three stories building, used for classes. From the bottom up, the floors are assigned for first years, second years and then third years. Apparently, students are prohibited to go to the rooftop above the third floor, but the place is reported as have never been locked.

The Special Building, which is on the opposite side of the Standard Building contains rooms for special classes such as social science classes, the lab, the library and some club rooms.

The Office Building lies at the middle of the corridor between the Standard Building and the Special Building. It is where the staff rooms are located.

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