The towers stopping the black moon

La Casa de Dios (神の家 (ラ・カサ・デ・ディオス) Ra Kasa de Diosu, lit. "God House" in Spanish and Japanese) is a spell used by Georgius of the Rainbow in the First Battle of Ayame Hill. The spell materializes vitality and magic capacity of certain people in the form of towers. Each tower reflects the state of that the materialization is based on, meaning that it will be destroyed if the mage dies. According to Georgius, this spell is only meant to be used when fighting in large group, as the person in charge of activating the spell is required to stay away from the towers in a certain distance, thus unable to join the fight. The original purpose of the spell is unknown, but in the First Battle of Ayame Hill the towers were used to temporarily stop Lieselotte Werckmeister's black moon from descending. This implies that the spell is most suitable for buying time. The spell is also showed in the anime, as every time a Black Knight dies, a tower is destroyed. Also, in the anime, the towers were made of large crystal.

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