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An 11eyes fan disc entitled 11eyes: Resona Forma has been officially announced for release at Fall 2010.

For more information, please visit:
11eyes: Resona Forma main page

2/05/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma Promotion Movie part 1 is out!
2/10/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma Promotion Movie part 2 is out!
2/16/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma Promotion Movie part 3 is out!
2/22/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma OST sample is available for download.
2/23/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma Promotion Movie part 4 is out!
3/3/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma Promotion Movie part 5 is out!
3/10/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma Promotion Movie part 6 is out!
3/11/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma Opening Movie is out!
11eyes: Resona Forma Promotion Movie part 7 is out!
3/13/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma Promotion Movie part 8 is out!
3/16/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma release date is changed to April 15th, 2011.
4/15/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma is officially released!

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"As long as you're here, Kakeru-kun...I'll be fine."

- Yuka during the first Red Night.(src)

11eyes SDAG Yuka CG1

Yuka Minase (水奈瀬 ゆか Minase Yuka) is a fictional character in the world of 11eyes and one of the protagonists of Sin, Damnation and the Atonement Girl storyline. She is Kakeru Satsuki's childhood friend and classmate. She met him at the orphanage where they grew up, and acted as Kakeru's moral support after his sister's suicide.

Like Kakeru and his sister, Yuka was abandoned by her parents for having special powers and was later adopted in Ayame Garden. There, they became friends with each other. One day however, Yuka's power got out of control, causing the children of the orphanage to kill each other in a bloodthirsty rampage. After the incident, Ayame Garden was closed down and Yuka, Kakeru and his sister had to move away. This event had such an impact on her that she sealed this portion of memories in her mind ever since and did not dare to go near the orphanage. Yuka was adopted by the Minase family some time later; Kakeru lived with his sister. However, after a few years, Kakeru's sister committed suicide, leaving him all alone. From that day onward, Yuka spent a lot of time trying to make Kakeru feel better and gradually, fell in love with him. (more...)

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