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An 11eyes fan disc entitled 11eyes: Resona Forma has been officially announced for release at Fall 2010.

For more information, please visit:
11eyes: Resona Forma main page

2/05/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma Promotion Movie part 1 is out!
2/10/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma Promotion Movie part 2 is out!
2/16/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma Promotion Movie part 3 is out!
2/22/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma OST sample is available for download.
2/23/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma Promotion Movie part 4 is out!
3/3/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma Promotion Movie part 5 is out!
3/10/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma Promotion Movie part 6 is out!
3/11/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma Opening Movie is out!
11eyes: Resona Forma Promotion Movie part 7 is out!
3/13/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma Promotion Movie part 8 is out!
3/16/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma release date is changed to April 15th, 2011.
4/15/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma is officially released!

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"I have no interest in whoever my grandfather taught modern magic to."

- Shuu Amami.(src)

11eyes HMF Shuu Atk3.jpg

Shuu Amami (天見 修 Amami Syu) is the protagonist of Hollow Mirror Field. He is known as a modern mage, one of those who activate their sorcery using technology such as cell phones linking to servers that can access the spiritual plane instead of using grimoires. Apparently, this was a special method created by his grandfather. He is from the same class as the protagonist of Sin, Damnation and the Atonement Girl arc.

Shuu is another student of class 2A, the same class as the protagonists of the original 11eyes. However, unlike the protagonist Kakeru Satsuki, who was a complete normal student until the events that befell him changed his life, Shuu has been hiding the fact that he is a modern magus, a person who walks a much dangerous path compare to that of a normal human. His real identity does not allow him to be close to anyone, as it would be the same as pulling innocent bystanders into his own dangerous life. He tries to keep a distance from everyone, including the sweet Shione who confessed to him, which puts him in bad terms with his class representative, Mio Kouno. He, however, is friends with Kaori and Tadashi and sometimes goes out with them, although a bit unwillingly. (more...)

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