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An 11eyes fan disc entitled 11eyes: Resona Forma has been officially announced for release at Fall 2010.

For more information, please visit:
11eyes: Resona Forma main page

2/05/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma Promotion Movie part 1 is out!
2/10/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma Promotion Movie part 2 is out!
2/16/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma Promotion Movie part 3 is out!
2/22/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma OST sample is available for download.
2/23/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma Promotion Movie part 4 is out!
3/3/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma Promotion Movie part 5 is out!
3/10/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma Promotion Movie part 6 is out!
3/11/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma Opening Movie is out!
11eyes: Resona Forma Promotion Movie part 7 is out!
3/13/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma Promotion Movie part 8 is out!
3/16/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma release date is changed to April 15th, 2011.
4/15/2011: 11eyes: Resona Forma is officially released!

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"I want to become a woman like Tsukiko-oneesama one day. That is my dream, objective, and reason for living!"

- Yukiko Hirohara.(src)

11eyes SDAG Yukiko CG1.jpg

Yukiko Hirohara (広原 雪子 Hirohara Yukiko) is one of the protagonists of Sin, Damnation and the Atonement Girl. She is a lively girl who is later seen killing the monsters mercilessly during the Red Night. She is one year younger than Yuka and Kakeru.

Yukiko's father was a Japanese journalist who married and impregnated a Drasuvanian woman. Not long after the birth of their daughter, both of them were killed for unknown reasons. Yukiko was then forced to be a part of Drasuvania's army during her childhood and was called Yurisha (ユーリシャ Yurisha), which meant "snow" in Drasuvanian. Originally, it was the grown-ups' intention that she would die with other children after committing suicide bombing. However, Yukiko's special power always regenerated her each time she executed bombardment, keeping her alive. Realizing this fact, the adults abused her, making use of her ability to make her commit suicide bombing over and over again. As a result, Yukiko became an emotionless killing machine whose heart was full of raging hatred. Some time later, Yukiko's grandfather came to Drasuvania to take her home, freeing her from the battlefield. Yukiko's cousin, Tsukiko made a pair of hypnotizing glasses to suppress Yukiko's rage and enable her to live normally. (more...)

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