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"This power and standing is something I desired myself... I’ll protect you all, so don’t worry. The last of the strongest of the Kusakabe bloodline’s power is in me. I, Kusakabe Misuzu, is holding and fighting everything at her full power, so rest assured."

- Misuzu Kusakabe(src)

Misuzu Kusakabe
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August 21th,1992




168cm (2009)
169cm (2010)


49kg (2009)
50kg (2010)


82.56.80 (2009)
83.56.81 (2010)




Dark purple


Kusakabe Clan



Family and

Souichi Kusakabe (father)
Kotoko Kusakabe (mother)
Ryouichi Kusakabe (ancestor)
Misao Kusakabe (ancestor)
Kakeru Satsuki (husband) Unnamed Son


Haruka (PC)
Yuu Asakawa (X360 & anime) (Japanese)
Melissa Fahn (PC, X360 & anime) (English)

Misuzu Kusakabe (草壁 美鈴 Kusakabe Misuzu) is one of the main protagonist of Sin, Damnation and the Atonement Girl. She is a red-haired Onmyouji from the Kusakabe Clan who goes to the same school as Yuka Minase and Kakeru Satsuki where is one year older than them. She is also the heroine from her After Story.


The most predominant trait of Misuzu is her red hair, which is sometimes depicted as a blazing flame by Kakeru Satsuki.

At school, she wears the standard seifuku, albeit the skirt is longer in length. Her casual clothes is a white shirt, a red neck ribbon and a black long shirt with brown tights and tall leather boots. The left side of the dress has been split to facilitate her movement in battle. Also, due to having to hide the seals on her finger nails, she almost always wear white gloves to conceal this apparent trait. Whether these gloves magically appear or have to be manually removed depends on the media outlet.


Before Kakeru Satsuki's power awakened, Misuzu was the main strength of the gang. She is rational, knowledgeable and has good leadership, which leads the gang to victory on numerous occasions, even though she has a bit cold and condescending attitude toward others people. She is also very independent, as she lives in a mansion deep in the mountain, but does everything by herself instead of hiring maids or butlers. However, being so rigid about traditional ways of Japanese, Misuzu is actually very naive about modern ways of doing things, to the point that she even considered ordering rice balls in a cafe. At the beginning, she didn't get along with Yukiko Hirohara, Shiori Momono and Takahisa Tajima but later warmed up to them (she has a better relationship with them in the anime).

On the other hand, while being strong on the surface, Misuzu is the weakest mind of the group. She was traumatized when Misao Kusakabe revealed the truth about the "fragments". For a short few days when Misao give the group's remainders time to think over whether they decide to continue to be her and Avaritia's opponent or to commit suicide by themselves, Misuzu thought of killing herself and was snapped back by Kakeru. She is a lot more affectionate toward him in her After Story, and even tries to behave like a normal girl for him through cooking, something she excels at. She also would like to be closer to Kakeru and begging him to call her "Misuzu" instead of "Misuzu-senpai."

In the manga, she maintains the similar personality of sure strength and being cordial but distant. As she trains Kakeru in how to fight, she becomes closer to him. She even offers her cooking and is embarrassed when he is hesitant. She reveals that she is good at cooking after training in solitude and having to feed herself. As such, she often makes rice balls as they are easy to make. Kakeru opens up to her, confessing that he blames himself for Kukuri Satsuki's (Kakeru's sister) suicide, a level of trust that had previously been preserved for Yuka.


Misuzu in 2002

When Misuzu was younger, she had a grudge against her own father for always shouting at her mother. Therefore, she was determined to get stronger. The possession of the Kusakabe Five Treasures, the immortal shrine of the Kusakabe clan, became her goal. Misuzu succeeded in seizing the swords one by one and around 2002, in a battle to win Doujigiri Yasutsuna, she crippled her father with anger towards him, rendering him unable to wield a sword again (though in Resona Forma he said he could wield Doujigiri Yasutsuna with its powers) . Although Misuzu's victories had given her the right to possess all five swords, members of the Kusakabe couldn't forgive her for what she had done. Hence, Misuzu's mother committed suicide and Misuzu left and settled in Ayamegaoka at her mother's villa.


The Beginning

Red Night and Black Moon

On September 17, the first Red Night occurred and Misuzu was dragged into the dimension where time does not flow. She was attacked by the Larvae but managed to protect herself through the use of the Kusakabe Treasures that she always brought with. In addition, she met Kukuri Tachibana in the first Red Night and had her as a companion. They survived Red Night easily until it broke. However, Misuzu still couldn't figure out what had happened.

The Maiden of the Crystal Palace

Misuzu saving Kakeru and Yuka from the Larvae

A few days after the first Red Night, a second Red Night came and Misuzu was also dragged inside. However, she didn't meet Kukuri Tachibana. When she was passing by the park, she saw Kakeru Satsuki and Yuka Minase being attacked by the Larvae and rushed in to save them. As Yuka and Kakeru was confused about Misuzu's powers, she explained that she was an Onmyouji and her Kusakabe clan happened to inherit oni blood, making her stronger than a normal human would. Misuzu was also devoid of any information about the Red Night, so she, Kakeru and Yuka decided to go to the center of Red Night, which was directly under the black moon. There, they met a strange girl trapped in a giant crystal, whose name was Lisette, begging for help. Before they could do anything, however, six Black Knights appeared in front of them, calling them 'Fragments' and attacked them. Again, Red Night ended before they were harmed.

Building the Group

Ghost of the Past

On September 24, Misuzu told Yuka Minase and Kakeru Satsuki to head for the school's rooptop to meet Kukuri Satsuki. However, when Misuzu went to the rooftop, she saw Kakeru gripping and yelling at Kukuri. She slapped Kakeru, telling him to clam down and demanded an answer from him. Kakeru said that Kukuri looked too similar to his older sister to be coincidence. However, Misuzu denied it and introduced the girl as class 3B's Kukuri Tachibana, the daughter of the famous novelist Daisuke Tachibana, thus, not Kakeru's sister. Yuka also pointed out that if she was Kakeru's sister, she would have been 27 years old. Kakeru then calmed down and apologized for being rude. They proceeded with introducing Kukuri's power to Kakeru and Yuka, an angel named Abraxas and ended the meeting.

Modernology Club

On September 26, when Kakeru Satsuki and Yuka Minase went to Cyberiad to work, they met a cheerful girl named Yukiko Hirohara, who was only recently employed and still had much to learn about being a waitress, who was also a student Kouryoukan Academy and a junior. The next morning, Yukiko rushed to Kakeru and Yuka's classroom to pay them a visit. Her main reason was to recruit the two into her 'Modernology Club', which Misuzu, who happened to come there later, furiously rejected.

On September 30, while Misuzu was argue with Yukiko about Kakeru joining her club and each was pulling his arm, Red Night came. At this point, the gang realized that Yukiko could also enter Red Night. Later, they were warned by Lisette about the first assault assault. When they had gone quite a distance from the school, they saw the street destroyed and the trees lying on the ground. Suddenly, Misuzu knocked Kakeru and Yuka on the ground, saving them from being hit from a brutal attack. Kakeru saw his attacker, a gigantic Black Knight name Gula. Misuzu threw her shikigami at Gula, but the Black Knight swept them all away in a swinging motion. Kukuri then used her chains to restrict his movement. Misuzu told Kakeru to take Yuka and run.

Plot branch : Kakeru pulls Yuka's arm (Bad End)

Kakeru tried to pull Yuka up, but she said it hurt a lot. Misuzu scolded them and asked why they still were still there. Suddenly, Gula broke free from Kukuri's chain and smashed his hammer on the ground. Misuzu tried to summon her weapon, but had to jump away to evade the attack. A flying rock then hit Kakeru, killing him in the process.

Plot branch : Kakeru carries Yuka on his arms

Kakeru carried Yuka on his arms without any trouble. Misuzu summoned Kashagiri Hiromitsu in time and attacked before Gula broke free from Kukuri's chains. However, the giant Black Knight simply laughed and said that he was having quite the fun. Misuzu continued her attack, but the Gula, who had finally gotten serious, broke free and sent her flying. She was injured, but Kukuri silently healed her.

Gula commented that they disappointed him, but he would still see them as warriors and asked for their names. Misuzu introduced both her and Kukuri's names to the giant, and Yukiko did the same. Misuzu called her a fool and told her to run, but Yukiko asked if they thought they could defeat such an opponent. She then took off her glasses and join the battle. For the first time, the gang saw the cheerful girl's real nature as a killing machine. Yukiko overpowered Gula by using her speed. However, Gula memorized her attack pattern after being stabbed a few times and hit her, blowing a part of her body off.

Plot branch ends here
Plot branch : Kakeru decides to check on Yukiko's state (Bad End)

Kakeru ran toward Yukiko to see if she was really dead, but was killed as Gula hit him with his hammer.

Plot branch : Kakeru decides not to check on Yukiko's state

Kakeru decided that he should keep calm and follow the battle until the very end. Curiously, Gula started to growl in pain. Saying that words were no longer needed, cylinder-shaped objects on his back turned to red and his power went up. Kukuri took the initiative and attacked him. Surprisingly, Gula evaded the attack and targeted with a powerful smash. Misuzu managed to dodge and countered, but her sword could not cut the powered up Black Knight. Gula then aggressively attacked Misuzu, forcing her to switch to defense.

To everyone's surprise, a knife was thrown into the face of the giant Black Knight, making in writhe in pain. Kakeru recognized Yukiko's knife and Yuka saw Yukiko standing from afar, completely uninjured. Yukiko quickly took the offense and rapidly attack Gula. The Black Knight hit her again after a few attacks, but Yukiko regenerated her wounds and kept getting up. Misuzu then powered up her weapon and finished Gula off with a powerful vertical slash.

Plot branch ends here

Kukuri then used her power to heal Kakeru. When she went to see to Yukiko's wounds, they had already regenerated. Yukiko then took her glasses on and returned to her cheerful side again.

Black Knights Assault

On October 7, Kakeru's gang was attacked by both Ira and Invidia at the same time. Ira attacked Kakeru, Yuka and Misuzu in the school's corridor. Misuzu held him off to let Kakeru and Yuka run away, but the two were ambushed by Invidia on the schoolyard. Takahisa, Yukiko and Kukuri fought her off but Invidia's long reach and mobility gave her the upper hand. After dealing a fatal blow to Ira, Misuzu joined the fight to defeat Invidia, only to encounter Ira again not long afterwards. The fight continued and Kakeru's gang was at a disadvantage as they had to deal with two Black Knights at the same time. When Ira tried to attack Kakeru, however, his power, the Eye of Aeon awakened and Kakeru managed to dodge the deadly attack, stabbing Ira in the right eye at the same time. Ira resisted and punched a hole in Kakeru stomach before going down. Seeing that Ira had reached his limit, Invidia retreated and brought him with her. Although Kakeru's wound was mortal, Kukuri managed to heal him.

On October 12, the Black Knight Acedia attacked the gang on the schoolyard, but was overwhelmed in the latter part of the battle.

The Kusakabe Blood

Realizing that Kakeru can fight decently with one of her swords, Raikiri, but could not wield it due to not being a member of the Kusakabe clan, Misuzu began taking him deep into the mountain and told him to drink her oni blood. At first, she only required him to endured the pain the blood caused for him. However, after a few times, Kakeru began to get used to the blood and Misuzu proceeded with training him using real swords.

Beginning of the End

Takahisa's Death

Misuzu rushing back to the school

On October 28, while practicing in the forest with Kakeru, Misuzu felt Superbia's presence. Being worried that something had happened, they rushed back to the school to check. When they arrived, they saw Yukiko fighting with an unknown woman and Saiko in Takahisa's arm, holding her in his arms as she died. Misuzu and Kakeru watched Yukiko fighting the woman and realized that the woman was Superbia. As Saiko died, Takahisa suddenly went berserk and attacked Superbia with a gigantic fire blast; however, he missed and a part of the academy was destroyed. Witnessing Takahisa's destructive power, Superbia decided to retreat and disappeared; however, Takahisa remained berserk. Misuzu tried to use shikigami to stop him, but the wall of flames surrounding Takahisa stopped her spell. Mistaking Misuzu for an enemy, Takahisa attempted to attack, but Yukiko raised her voice and stopped him in time. He then ran away to make sure he will not hurt his friends.

Kakeru, Yuka, Kukuri and Misuzu spend the rest of the day looking for Takahisa and, when the evening came, finally spotted smoke rising at Shin-Ayame. The group ran toward the smoke and met Yukiko on the way. Yukiko said that the road they were following was destroyed, so they needed to take another route to get there. Misuzu suggested taking the route that led to the shopping district at Shin-Ayame while Yukiko took another shortcut. When they got to the shopping district, they encountered Superbia in her real form, Misao Kusakabe. Although all alone, Misao appeared to be too powerful to anyone. She even destroyed two of Misuzu's swords. Before she had the chance to kill anyone, however, Yukiko came and fended her off, forcing her to retreat. After Misao had left, she told the gang that she killed Takahisa, as it was the only way to stop him.

Losing a Comrade, gaining Another

On October 29, as Red Night came, Kakeru told Misuzu that Yukiko had run away and might be heading for the crystal. The gang chased after her and found her already fighting Superbia. Kakeru told Yukiko to stop and go home, but she replied that she couldn't keep calm any longer, even though she was still wearing her glasses. Even more surprising, Lisette told the gang that since she was the cause of everything, she didn't care if she die or not. Without any options left, Misuzu and the rest decided to support Yukiko.

Unexpectedly, Shiori appeared at the scene. She attacked both the Black Knights and Kakeru's gang, accidentally created a chance for Yukiko to close in on Superbia. However, before Yukiko could strike, the crystal absorbed her and turned Lisette into Lieselotte, freeing her. Red Night ended abruptly after that.

The Truth

The gang returned to the normal world, inside Ayanas. Kakeru demanded Shiori to tell him everything she knew. The next day, in the club's meeting room, Shiori revealed the truth about herself. She said that she was a magus and a member of Index, the largest magical organization in the world, and her mission was to report on the situation at Ayamegaoka. She also confirmed the identities of the black knights as the saints of Index, who were sent to Ayame Hill 64 years ago to eliminate Lieselotte. However, she stated that she didn't know anything about Superbia, the only black knight she had no information about. After the meeting, the gang decided to stay at Misuzu house to be safe.

On October 31, Misao Kusakabe appeared at Misuzu's house and told the gang about the reason they were called 'Fragments'. It was revealed that each of them, except Kakeru, had a fragment of Lieselotte's VoidStone, which also served as the source of their powers. The news came as a shock to everyone, especially Misuzu. Misao gave them a few days to think over the matter and decide whether to keep on the meaningless fight or to commit suicide. Misuzu mentally broke down and dropped on her knees. She weakly asked herself what she should do and Misao, before leaving, said that her best choice was to die, adding that doing so would do the world a favor.

Towards a New Future

The Decision

Upon realizing the truth about the fragments, Misuzu was put in a state of despair. She wanders in the mountain near her house and thinks about giving up. When Kakeru came to check on her, she asked him to fulfill her final request: giving her the happiness of being in love.

Plot branch : Kakeru complies with her wish (Bad End)

The two of them had sex until they died.

Plot branch : Kakeru refuses to comply with her wish

Kakeru said that she should not give up hope and that the Misuzu he knew should not be depressed like that. Misuzu could not make a decision, but understand that Kakeru would continue fighting. She told him to drink her Kusakabe blood one last time and told him to go.

Plot branch ends here

Afterwards, it appeared that Misuzu had also decided to fight, but Yuka's Phantasmagoria made her forget everything.

On November 2, under Yuka's spell, she enjoyed normal school life alone. However, when she went to the mountain, she recognized the place where she let Kakeru drink her blood and regained her memories about him. She remembered that she had feelings for him and wanted him to be happy, thus, decided to fight the last battle.

Against a Legend

Misuzu during the final battle

Determined to fight, she gave all she had and, through much hardship, managed to kill Misao by Doujigiri Yasutsuna. However, she had also let the cursed sword feed on her life too much and was unable to get rid of it. As she was wondering how to weather the situation, Kukuri came. Misuzu asked her to heal her so that she could return to the fight, but Kukuri silently attacked and killed her, much to Misuzu's astonishment.

Another Day

New World

Misuzu was seen again in the room of Modernology Club. As the rest of the gang, she was devoid of how they survived the battle and still retained their memories. In her case, she remembered dying in the battle against Misao, but not the latter part when Kukuri attacked her. However, seeing Yukiko and Takahisa making a ruckus, which irritated Misuzu, she gave up thinking and decided to let everything pass.

On graduation day, when the gang went to Cyberiad to take a photo, she was a little irritated seeing Yuka clung onto Kakeru's arm, but apparently, decided that it was the best for him and remained silent. Seeing Yukiko pushed Takahisa and made a ruckus, she scolded them.

Together with a Loved One

11eyes SDAG Misuzu Route.jpg
This article or section contains information from the optional Misuzu Route in Sin, Damnation and the Atonement Girl arc.

Misuzu was revived as was the rest of the gang. She was also confused as to why they were all alive, but decided to let the matter pass. Kakeru found her in the mountain and hugged her out of happiness, making Misuzu cry. They then confirmed their love for each other, making Yuka retreating afterward.

Misuzu being persuaded by Kakeru

One month after Red Night ended, Misuzu decided to leave Tokyo and return to her hometown, saying that she would return the Kusakabe Five Treasures to the clan. Kakeru was shocked as he heard her decision. He tried to talk her out, but she was determined and said that this would be the last time they meet. Having no options left, Kakeru said that he would go to the Kusakabe clan's hometown with her. Misuzu strongly rejected the idea, as she didn't want him to involve himself in such a dangerous world. However, Kakeru said that the two of them had already been closely connected with each other ever since he drank her blood and as long as they were together, he would be able to do anything. Upon those words, Misuzu gave up returning home and stayed.

World of Light

11eyes SDAG Kukuri Route.jpg
This article or section contains information from the optional Kukuri Route in Sin, Damnation and the Atonement Girl arc.

When the photo was taken, Kukuri kissed Kakeru, which shocked Misuzu. Seeing that Misuzu was jealous, Yukiko pushed her on Kakeru, which accidentally made her breast fall into his hand. Misuzu told Kakeru to let go of her, but he was stuck as Yuka refused to let go of his arm.

After Story

"It's the life that I have after the fight with the witch that tried to destroy the world. I can't give up on the future with Kakeru just yet!"

- Misuzu.(src)

Return to Origin

Misuzu facing the music

On December 1, Misuzu returned to the Kusakabe village with Kakeru to return the Kusakabe Five Treasures. Her return was heavily criticized, as not only had she been exiled, but she also dared to bring a man outside the clan back with her. At the end of the argument, however, Misuzu convinced the clan of her determination, also having the approval of the head of the clan.

Life of a Kusakabe

At the village, Misuzu spent days to teach Kakeru about the way of an Onmyouji, including kendo training and how to use shikigami.

Returning to Ayamegaoka

In November, Misuzu and Kakeru returned to Ayamegaoka on the context of opening her library, which contained Ryouichi Kusakabe's and Misao Kusakabe's old research, and bringing them back to the village. The two used this chance to visit the town, although did not meet any of their old friends except for Master Kuroda of Cyberiad. Thinking of herself as unusual, Misuzu tried to figure out how a normal girl would act, but to no avail. When Kakeru found out, he told her that he liked her normal self, and Misuzu gave up.

On November 17, Misuzu and Kakeru opened the library at Misuzu's house to bring them back to the village. At night, however, Misuzu received as distress signal and the two rushed back to the village without bringing anything.

Spirit of Vengeance

Misuzu and Kakeru arrived at the Kusakabe village on day later, only to see that a massacre had taken place while they were away. A Kusakabe informed her that there was only one enemy, but its strength was that of a demon. The people in the village managed to form a barrier and pushed the demon back to the bamboo forest nearby, but the clan's head was in pursuit of it. Misuzu volunteered to go after the clan's head, as she wanted to protect the village, as well as her father.

Catching up with her father, Misuzu told him to go back, as he was in no condition to use Doujigiri. The old man was persistent, but Misuzu promised him to defeat the demon and come back safely. She told Kakeru to stay with her father, but he told her that he wanted to be of help, as she was not as powerful as before.

As Misuzu arrived at her house in the bamboo forest, she finally encountered the demon, the demon blade Honekui Munechika. She asked it of its purpose. The Spirit of Azo inside the sword revealed its three-hundred-year grudge against the Kusakabe Clan and said that it would not stop until the Kusakabe went extinct. Misuzu replied that she understood the grudge, but she refused to comply, as she did not want to lose the life that she fought so hard to have, enraging the demon sword. The two engaged each other in combat, in which Honekui seemed to be too powerful for Misuzu's Kogarasumaru Amakuni. When it seemingly dealt a fatal blow however, it was revealed that Misuzu had been using a doppelganger all along to wait for her sword's power boost. She then defeat the Honekui in a single strike.

However, the sword proved to be persistent, as it tried to invade Misuzu's body when she attempted to seal it. Kakeru shielded her and ended up being manipulated instead. Misuzu was not able to attack as the Honekui used Kakeru as a hostage. Unwilling to hurt Kakeru, she dropped her sword, allowing the controlled Kakeru to hit her repeatedly. However, the situation quickly reserved, as the Spirit of Azo tried to pick up the Kogarasumaru Amakuni, the Kusakabe blade resonated with Kakeru's blood, allowing him to briefly take control again. The Honekui panicked and threw the Kogarasumaru Amakuni away, which fell into Misuzu's hand, enabling her to destroy the Honekui.

Misuzu looking at Kakeru recovering

After the battle, Misuzu took Kakeru in their house to treat him of his injuries. Kakeru woke up two days later. Misuzu told him that his body was not fully healed, but they could speed up the process with sexual intercourse, to which Kakeru complied.

The Future

The wedding

Misuzu and Kakeru continued staying in the village to learn more about the way of the Kusakabe. Misuzu acted as Kakeru's mentor. As time passed, Misuzu's father approved the marriage between Misuzu and Kakeru and said that he would leave his daughter in Kakeru's care.

At the wedding ceremony, Misuzu revealed that she was bearing Kakeru's child. The story ended with Kakeru and Misuzu exchanging vows and expresses that their love is eternal.

After the wedding, it is revealed in Liber_7, which is a later game developed by Lass in 2016 based on the same universe of 11 eyes that Kakeru has changed his last name to Kakeru Kusakabe. It is also revealed in Liber_7 Fragments in the official site Lass.jp that Kakeru and Misuzu then have a child named Miyu and they are working across all the area in Japan.

Other media


In the anime, Misuzu is seen the first time in the first episode, where she was divining and saw a girl in white in the flames as well as receive a mark on her arm. In the next episode, she saved Kakeru and Yuka from by Larvae during the second Red Night then she introduced herself to them. While they were running through the town for trying to escape from Larvae, she felt a high power coming from the Crystal Palace and she advises Kakeru and Yuka to hide, but Kakeru wanted to accompany her. She refused, asking him if he wanted to protect Yuka, but as Kakeru was determined, she agreed but she warned him that she couldn't protect them. During their walk, they encountered Superbia who attacked them, but Misuzu blocked it easily and they escaped from her. When they arrived to the Crystal Palace, they met a girl imprisoned in a crystal named Lisette. Lisette begged them to free her, but Misuzu was suspicious and refused. While Yuka asked Kakeru to help her, six Black Knights appeared, calling them Fragments. Invidia attacked and Misuzu who blocked her, but Superbia came from behind. Before Superbia could deliver a blow, the Red Night ended.

When they met again at school, Kakeru wanted Misuzu to teach him the Art of Sword in order to protect Yuka. Misuzu initially refused, but she finally agreed. She brought him and Yuka to her place, and she showed them the Five Kusakabe Swords. While Kakeru was training, she talked with Yuka about her past. When Kakeru was about to quit, the Red Night appeared again. Misuzu saved Kakeru from Larvae once more, but they were confronted by Gula and Ira. While Ira chased Kakeru and Yuka, who tried to escape, Misuzu engaged battle with Gula, who was rather strong for her. She lost Kashagiri in the fighting and drew two other swords to keep fighting. When Gula was about to deliver a final blow, he had been stabbed by a thrown Kashagiri from behind, and Misuzu killed him with a dual fatal blow. The girl who helped her was named Yukiko, and Misuzu later introduced her to Kakeru and Yuka.

In episode 4, she trained Kakeru again, but the Red Night reappared, and the gang was confronted this time by Ira himself. Misuzu engaged in battle with him, but she found herself struggling since Ira possessed unfathomable speed. Yukiko soon provided assistance by showing her true nature of a cold-blooded killer. She fought against him and was winning, but Invidia intervened and impaled Yukiko from behind. While Invidia was about to kill them, Takahisa appeared and rescued them. The Red Night ended afterwards. Misuzu was shocked but relieved to see Yukiko heal from her fatal wounds.

In episode 5, Misuzu introduced Kukuri to the gang. Kakeru thought it was his older sister, but Misuzu denied it, explaining the situation, though Kakeru was still disturbed. The Red Night appeared while Misuzu trained Kakeru. Misuzu could save him from Invidia's attack but she couldn't help him against Ira, who waited for Kakeru and Yuka outside the school. However, Kakeru was able to kill him since his power finally had awakened.

In episode 6, Kakeru was hurt by his awakening power, and Misuzu healed him through a Kusakabe technique. However, Yuka came to check on Kakeru's condition during that time, and she misunderstood the scene. Since both Misuzu and Kakeru were unclothed, she mistook them for being lovers and soon departed. While the gang searched for her, the Red Night occurred, and they were confronted by Acedia this time. Misuzu used a strong spell against him, but Acedia easily defeated her. However, he was stabbed by Kukuri afterward.

In episode 7, Misuzu and the rest of gang searched for Yuka, but Invidia attacked Kakeru and Takahisa. Misuzu tried to help them, but Superbia interfered and faced her. Misuzu realized that Superbia was from Kusakabe Clan too and was shocked. Superbia, seeing that Misuzu was aghast, left and let Invidia use her time bomb for imprisonning all of the Fragments. However, she was impeded by Yuka's power, which had finally surfaced.

In episode 8, Misuzu explained Superbia's true origins to Kakeru, surmising that she was Misao Kusakabe. She forced him to drink her blood in order to increase his strength. The two promptly trained and sparred. Kakeru had improved significantly and she was hurt by Kakeru during their training as he predicted her move and countered. Yuka arrived and offered a towel for Misuzu's wound, but when she took it, Yuka licked her wound in order to be strong and be like Kakeru, which surprised the two of them.

Misuzu charging Kashagiri Hiromitsu for a killing blow.

In episode 9, Misuzu learned that Saiko had been killed by Superbia and that Takahisa, filled with rage and sorrow over her death, began to destroy the town. She soon realized that Superbia was at her residence, asking Yukiko to stop Takahisa on her own, while she and Kakeru engaged in battle against Superbia. However, Kakeru was up against Superbia's shikigamis while Misuzu fought Superbia herself. After having destroyed two of her demon swords, Superbia was about to kill her, but Kakeru stopped her in time and protected Misuzu. Misao realized that Kakeru drank Kusakabe blood, giving him the power to stop her. When the Red Night ended, Superbia disappeared and Misuzu mentally broke down, shocked by this meeting. She was also shocked upon learning that Takahisa was dead.

In episode 10, Misuzu learned the truth from Shiori Momono and was shocked to discover that Yuka had slipped a razor blade into her tea, though she told no one. Later, she had a talk with Kakeru. She blamed herself for being arrogant but Kakeru comforted her, and Misuzu hugged him. Later, they searched for Yukiko, who went to the Crystal Palace to avenge Takahisa, but they came too late as Yukiko had already been killed by Superbia.

In episode 11, Lieselotte had been freed by Yuka and Avaritia sent Misuzu and Kakeru away due to a spell but Shiori blocked it, as she wanted to fight. Misuzu and Kakeru decided to search for Yuka, as she was probably still alive. Later they realized that Lieselotte was too powerful and could destroy the world without anything stopping her.

Misuzu proposed another option to Kakeru for gaining power, which was engaging in sexual intercourse with each other. She then confessed her love to Kakeru and kissed him. Afterwards, they proceeded with this option, but Misao appeared and told them it was useless after they had finished. Liesleotte already killed Kukuri and Avaritia, while Shiori had committed suicide also. Yuka then appeared, but it was actually Liesleotte who had taken Yuka's body under her control and stabbed Kakeru. Yuka then killed Misuzu who witnessed the scene shocked.

Misao helping Misuzu control the cursed sword

In episode 12, (as episode 11 was revealed to be nothing more than a premonition Kakeru had) Kakeru stabbed himself as a means of saving the world. Misuzu came to see him later, treating him as an idiot for trying to kill himself. She explained how he survived thanks to Yuka's power. Kakeru told her of his love for Yuka and rejected her, causing Misuzu to cry. Later, Yuka was kidnapped by Lieselotte, and Misuzu teamed up with Misao to use Doujigiri Yasutsuna to stop Lieselotte's attack and protect the others. Misao then transferred them to another world, where Yukiko and Takahisa didn't know them and Shiori and Kukuri didn't return.


Misuzu is the main heroine from the manga, and she is the one who ends up with Kakeru, as it follows her route.

Misuzu first appeared after saving Kakeru and Yuka as Gula came to attack them. Using Kashagiri, she was able to kill the Black Knight, who she deduced was much stronger than the larvae that populated the Red Night. Along with the two, they reached the center of the city which replaced Ayame Tower with an altar of crystals. They were confronted by the Black Knights. Before they could be killed by the numerous enemies, they were spared by the Red Night ending.

Misuzu spent some time alone thinking on the Red Night and those she encountered within it. Inquiring about the enemies she faced in this new world, she is unsure what to do.

Misuzu eventually brought several of the people who were in the Red Night to meet in a classroom, where a young Yukiko advocated membership to the Modern Societies club. Still one short, the group met when Takahisa was dragged away by Saiko. Not too long after, the Red Night returned and the group had to fight again when the Black Knights Ira and Invidia appeared. Misuzu squared off with Ira alone while she tasked Yukiko with getting Kakeru and Yuka out.

She returned to join them as did Takahisa in fighting Invidia when Ira reappeared, though gravely injured from his fight with Misuzu. Invidia took Ira away as the Red Night ended again. Kakeru then requested Misuzu that he train with her in the ways of swordsmanship, feeling weak and powerless. Misuzu refused, citing his lack of power and the hardship of learning how to fight.

Kakeru persisted, revealing his own guilt and inner turmoil, blaming himself for his sister's suicide. Understanding his conviction, she consented, though later admitted that she doubted he would even show up. She chastised Kakeru for arriving late, though he reminded her he was on time. She referred to him arriving after the master. She surprised Kakeru by training him with exercising first. She maintained that a strong body was necessary for a strong fighter. Kakeru was able to run all the laps required though Kakeru's friends came and Tadashi made a pass at her. Misuzu noticed Shiori, whom she had reservations about.

Kakeru proved little challenge to Misuzu when sparring with wooden swords. After finishing, Misuzu offered Kakeru some of her rice balls. She explained that she learned to cook by necessity of training alone and that riceballs were her favorite because of how simple and effective they were.

During her training sessions, they would be drawn into the Red Night again, where Ira would come for a rematch. While fighting, she would lose Raikiri. Kakeru would take it up despite her warnings about its power and manage to kill Ira with a powerful stroke. Enraged by his death, a wounded Invidia prepared her self destruct power to kill the group when Yuka used her power to stop it and save Kakeru. However, she soon passed out after over-exerting herself.

Realizing what potential Kakeru had, she offered to train him in earnest stating he would have to take Raikiri from the ground like he did before. She warned him again that there was no turning back and that it would be painful, perhaps worse than death. Kakeru still took the weapon and managed to hold himself for longer that Misuzu anticipated.

Kakeru awoke in her lap, embarrassed at the situation though the two continued past it and agreed that being so formal after going through so much wasn't as necessary. Understanding that Kakeru won't truly be able to wield Raikiri since he's not a Kusakabe, she uses a forbidden technique to give him power. She has Kakeru drink her blood from a cut to give him the power of her kind. While hesitant at first, Kakeru did it and Misuzu got embarassed when he kept up.

When she asked if he felt anything and he denied it, she figured he would need more another time. Kakeru then felt the pain of his body rejecting the blood. Misuzu explained the origin of her clan's power to Kakeru and why the blood had a violent reaction to outsiders, that her kind had demon blood in it. She mentioned how she wasn't absolutely sure how it would react since she had never performed the forbidden technique before, much to Kakeru's chagrin.

Eating again, she made her favorite meal, determined to prove she could make more than rice balls. When Kakeru inquired, she remembered the past and hesitantly recalled to Kakeru how she had beaten her father to obtain the final sword, Doujigiri. She had beaten her father by mutilating his arm. Her father's followers have since been trying to avenge him.

After many defeats, Superbia decided to cross over from the Red Night to fight and killed Saiko, enraging Takahisa and forcing Yukiko to kill him while Misuzu fought with Superbia, who revealed herself to be none other than Misao Kusakabe. Refusing to believe she was the idol she looked up to, she challenged Misao in combat, where both Kashagiri and Kanagiri were destroyed in the fight, traumatizing her. 

After the battle, Yukiko runs off when the Red Night returns to kill Superbia in revenge. Misuzu and the others arrive to save her but are halted when the crystal absorbs both Yukiko and Yuka into itself, releasing Lieselotte.

Outside of the Red Night, Misao returns to them and informs them about the truth of the Red Night and the Fragments. She explains that if they kill themselves, they could save the world. However, if they return to the Red Night, she will kill them to protect her lover, Avaritia. Misuzu is borken by the revelation as well as her own defeat. It is only after Kakeru reminds her of the person she was that he loved, it brought her back to her senses.

The remaining fighters decide to resist to defeat both the Black Knights and Lieselotte. When the Red Night ensues again, Shiori and Kukuri faced Avaritia as he released his full power and Kakeru goes to face off against Lieselotte by himself. Misuzu faces Misao alone, using Doujigiri.

She is at first overwhelmed in the battle as Misao is a superior swordsman with more experience. To counter this, Misuzu begins giving herself over to the Doujigiri in exchange for power. Using her swords' spells, Misao still holds the advantage over the young Kusakabe warrior when she is caught off-guard. Misuzu uses Kumokiri's curses with Doujigiri but focuses all the power in the tip of the blade, which makes it strong enough to break Kumokiri and kill Misao.

Victorious, Misuzu collapses as use of Doujigiri takes its toll and begins to consume more of her. She reflects on her life and calls out for Kakeru as the time passes. 

The end of the Manga and much like the rota end Misuzu.

End  of manga and ,Soon after finishing the red night Misuzu decided he would return to the Kusakabe clan put the Kakeru and return five objects and said that probably the two no sé encontraram, however Kakeru criticized her decision and dice that he loved her and that should always be together in the end they decided to live together forever and never to part again.  



Misuzu holding Kashagiri Hiromitsu

  • Kusakabe Five Treasures (草壁五宝 Kusakabe Go Hou): Misuzu is from a clan of Onmyouji that is famous for having oni's blood in the bloodline and the five demonic swords known as Kusakabe Five Treasures. All five swords are in Misuzu's possession and are kept them in her finger nails via dimensional magic that she learned from forbidden scrolls created by one of her ancestors, Ryouichi Kusakabe.
    • Kogarasumaru Amakuni (小烏丸天国 Kogarasumaru Amakuni): The blade that Misuzu uses most often.
    • Raikiri (雷切 Raikiri): A lightning-shaped katana that has lightning attribute, very effective in dealing with large masses of enemies. She rarely uses it since Kakeru needs it more, however. The weapon is quite versatile.
    • Kashagiri Hiromitsu (火車切広光 Kashagiri Hiromitsu): A very large and heavy twin-blade katana that can be strengthened using fire. It seems to be the most destructive blade.
    • Kannagiri Nagamitsu (鉋切長光 Kannagiri Nagamitsu): A katana with seemingly short blade at first sight, but can extend later to normal katana length to surprise the enemy. It is also the hardest of all.
    • Doujigiri Yasutsuna (童子切安綱 Doujigiri Yasutsuna): The strongest katana in the Kusakabe Swords, having the powers of other ones. It can further boost its destructive power by feeding on Misuzu's flesh and blood. However, this is not to be overused, as the process may turn Misuzu into a demon.
  • Demonic Stone of Qliphoth (クリフォトの魔石 Kurifoto no Maseki): Misuzu possess a fragment of Lieselotte soul, which has the VoidStone embedded within it. Like the other 'Fragments', she received powers from this fragment.
    • Superhuman strength: Although never stated directly, it appears that the VoidStone fragment in her body gives her some sort of superhuman strength in the anime and her magical capacity in the game, as she was able to seize all of the Five Kusakabe Treasures on her own. Her being the only one who can block powerful and deadly attacks from the gigantic Black Knight Gula despite their difference in size further confirms this fact.
    • Enhanced magic capacity: During the ending of Misuzu's route, she said that she is no longer strong enough to use the five swords and decided to return them to where they were. In addition, during the ending scene of the audio drama CD where Kakeru was forced to wear Cyberiad girl uniform, she used a binding spell on him as she claims that while most other spells she used to cast are out of her capacity now, she can still bind him, hinting that the fragment had given her a huge boost of magical power.

Other abilities

  • Swordsmanship expert: Even without the VoidStone, Misuzu is already an expert in kendo, being able to wield different katana effectively and can face almost all kinds of enemy. By the time of the story, there is hardly anyone who can fight her and win in a one-on-one battle. Misao however, criticizes that she relies heavily on her weapon's powers, resulting in a sword style that is excellent in using the Kusakabe Swords to its fullest extent, but full of openings when it comes to combat skills alone.
  • Onmyoudou expert: Misuzu has shown the ability to effectively use shikigami for offensive, defensive and informative purposes throughout the series. Using the shikigami to create more choices in combat is also her style, which is a good compensation for her lack of advanced skills to face stronger opponents like Ira and Misao.


Kakeru Satsuki: In the anime, she acted a bit cold toward him at the beginning, with a bit of condescending attitude, as time went on she admired him and began calling him just 'Kakeru', removing the -kun , as noted by Yuka. She fell in love with him and confessed her love for him and had sexual intercourse with him, giving her virginity to him, and in the end, Kakeru rejected her because he loved Yuka, and Misuzu agreed with it, as long as he was happy. In Kukuri's ending, Misuzu was jealous as she saw Kukuri kiss Kakeru's cheek, which Yukiko seemed to noticed, so she pushed her, making her breast fall on Kakeru's hand. They became a lovers in Misuzu's route and her After Story, and decided to come back to the Kusakabe village, despite retaliation, and training Kakeru for becoming a Onmyouji, and they fought together against the demon which threatened the village. Finally, they had sexual intercourse, giving their virginity to each other, and married and had a child as they exchanged vows and expressed their eternal love to each other. They also became a lovers in the manga, which followed Misuzu's route. It is also hinted in Liber_7, which is the a game based on the same universe of 11eyes that Kakeru and Misuzu are married.

Misao Kusakabe: Both are in the Kusakabe clan and Misuzu greatly admires her. The two shared some similarities too, as the two had been banished from their clan. She was shocked when she learned Superbia's true identity as Misao. Misao looks down on her during their fights. Finally, Misuzu is the one who killed her, but at the expense of using Doujigiri. In the anime, Misao largely has the same attitude towards Misuzu until the end when she realizes that, like her, Misuzu will fight to protect the one she loves. When victorious, Misao entrusts the young Kusakabe with their clan's future before taking them out of the Red Night.

Souichi Kusakabe: Misuzu had a stormy relationships in the past with his father, because she thought he didn't love her and he was indifferent toward her and her mother, causing her to become strong for having the Five Kusakabe's Swords. In a duel, she cut him, causing him to carry a prothese, and she has been exiled. But this event seems having gained his respect toward his daughter, as in Resona Forma, when she returned, their relationships changed for the good, as he accepted her relationship with Kakeru. He also wanted to fight the demon in order to protect her and his family, despite his condition. In the anime, she already killed him according to a talk with Yuka. She explained that the two had arguments and disagreements about Misuzu's admiration of Misao Kusakabe.

Yuka Minase: In the game, they had a good relationships and Misuzu cared for her and the others, despite that the both of them loved Kakeru. In the anime, they had a good relationships at the beginning, but when Misuzu became closer to Kakeru, Yuka felt jealousy and even tried to kill her, putting a razor shape in her tea. Nevertheless, despite her rivalry, Misuzu seems to care for her, as she felt sadness and shock when Lieselotte killed her.

Kukuri Tachibana: Kukuri and Misuzu have been comrades at the first Red Night, and they are good friends, even if they love Kakeru. Kukuri killed her in the last battle for helping Kakeru, even if she didn't want to. In the anime, the two were close and Misuzu tried to repair a gap between Kukuri and Kakeru.

Ira: She has been his main opponent during the battles, and she is the one who achieved him. Although Ira despises her, he still considers her as a strong opponent.


  • The name Misuzu means "beautiful" (美) (mi) and "bell" (鈴) (suzu).
  • Misuzu's surname Kusakabe means "grass" (草) (kusa) and "wall" (壁) (kabe).


"Mi..Misuzu-senpai! H-how?!"

  • In 11eyes: Resona Forma, it was revealed that Misuzu has a fast metabolism, and when prompted, can finish a large bowl of ramen in 2 minutes, much to Kakeru Satsuki's shock. She also stated that she had shown this ability once before in a competition in the Kusakabe village, in which she was the champion for eating 290 bowls of wanko soba.
  • Misuzu is the most popular character from 11eyes who won the top of popularity poll, this can be confirmed on the Japanese 11eyes Wikipedia site.
  • Misuzu is a possible expy of Mitsuru Kijirou, a character from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3, with blazing red hair and wielding a sword-based weapon.
    • There is also an official fanart showing Mitsuru in 11eyes.
    • Furthermore, there is a special scene in Resona Forma, which is a parody from Persona 3.
    • Ironically, Kakeru himself looks like protagonist (AKA Minato Arisato or Makoto Yuuki) from Persona 3 and Yuka has some similarities with Yukari Takeba.
    • Kanae Kuroshiba however, is the one who has the Japanese voice of Mitsuru, Rie Tanaka.
  • Out of all heroines from 11Eyes Resona Forma Misuzu is one of the two girls who has an After Story giving a vision for the future, the other being Shiori.
    • Her After Story is also the only After story with a battle scene.
  • Misuzu is showed being a Kuudere toward Kakeru, as she acts cold toward the others in the beginning, but ends up by warming up towards him. She is more of a tsundere in the anime.
  • Misuzu is the only character to have a manga based on her route and After Story.
  • Misuzu and Kakeru are married in the later developed game by Lass based on the same universe with 11eyes, Liber_7 and Liber_7 Fragments in the Lass.jp.