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Shuu's modern magic server

Modern magic (現代魔術 Gendai majutsu) is a new type of magic which was created by Kanji Amami, the grandfather of Shuu Amami, the main protagonist of Hollow Mirror Field. Unlike traditional magi, modern mages who use this kind of magic activate their sorcery through modern technology such as cell phones linking to servers that can access the spiritual plane instead of using grimoires.

It appears that the magic server's outlook varies differently depend on its owner.

List of spells

  • Briah Access - Yetzirah Code (ブリアー・アクセス-イェツィラー・コード Buriah Akusesu - Iejiraa Kohdo): This spell is most likely to be the activating incantation.
  • Tesla Javelin (テスラ・ジャベリン Tesura Jaberin): Summons a magical techno-style circles that sparks several thunderbolts and conjures yellow electrical arrows.
  • Pyralis: Similar to the above, however instead emits fire from the circles.
  • Ice Cube (アイス・キューブ Aisu Kyuubu): Creates several thick ice panels which are effective in trapping the enemy.
  • Satellite Viewing (サッテリアイト・ビエ-イング):
  • Winter Orbit (ウィンター・オービット Wintaa Oobitto): Creates a large magic circle that forms a defensive barrier.
  • Wind Edge: Creates multiple green wind slashes that can cut the enemy.
  • Cherudim Feather: Creates multiple purple glowing feathers capable of piercing through the enemy.
  • Interpreter (インタプリタ Intapurita): A hacking spell that tampers another modern mage's magic server.
  • Dissonance (ディソナンス Disonansu): Creates a firewall to protect one's own magic server.
  • Tension Theft (テンション.セフト Tenshon Sefuto) An anti-firewall hacking spell.
  • Tension Byte Block (バイト・ブロック Baito Burokku): An anti-Theft spell.
  • Cacophony (カコフォニー Kakofonii):
  • Back Tracking ():
  • Binder (バインダア):
  • Spoofer (スプーファ Supuufaa):
  • Invisible Agent: Summons transparent familiar spirits which can be used for scouting.
  • Catch Thirtythree: A spell that hacks into the opponent's mind, forcing him/her to tell the truth.
  • Baldanders (バルトアンデルス Barutoanderusu): Increases magical capacity of the user.
  • Worlds Collide (ワールド・コライド Waarudo Koraido): The most powerful defensive spell, which was used against Kanae in the final battle. The spells consumes a lot of of magical power, but offer an absolute defense in exchange. It cannot shield the user from curses or spells that attacks the user directly, however.
  • Gravity Fall (グラビチ.フォール Gurabiti Fohru): A short-ranged spell that controls the gravity of a certain area.
  • Demanufacturer (デマニファクチュア Demanifakuchura): Destroy a modern magic's device current server to form a new connection with a partner.
  • Nuker (ヌーカー Nuukaa): Reconstructs internal structure of the modern magic's device.
  • Exhaustive Search (総力接解 (イグゾースティブ・サーチ) Iguzousutibu Saachi; lit. "Mass Connecting Solution" in Japanese): A high-level hacking spell which scans an opponent for information on his/her magical abilities.
  • Akercocke (猿真似 (アカーコッケ) Akaakokke; lit. "Indiscriminate Imitator" in Japanese): A spell with copycat properties. It is meant to be used altogether with Exhaustive Search.
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