Mutsuko Hirohara




Family and

Yukiko Hirohara (niece)
Tsukiko Hirohara (niece)
Kijuurou Hirohara (father)

Mutsuko Hirohara (広原 睦子 Hirohara Mutsuko) is Yukiko Hirohara's aunt, who is working with Yukiko's cousin Tsukiko Hirohara in Tokyo. She is said to have been a student at Kouryoukan Academy and the former owner of the title "Witch of the Library", which is later taken by Kanae Kuroshiba. According to Kanae, Mutsuko revolutionized the academy's library by adding a considerable amount of books, mangas, light novels, etc. She also used to share a rivalry relationship with Saiko Akamine, the current school nurse.

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