"From the boiling chaos, call forth the desecrated light. Everything that came from the original darkness...now, return to that place! Omnium Principia!"

Omnium Principia (始原の焔 (オムニウム・プリンキピア) Omuniumu Purinkipia; lit. "The Original Principle" in Latin, "The Original Flame" in Japanese) is a very powerful Larva-based spell of Lieselotte Werckmeister, shown in 11eyes: Resona Forma. It was used in the battle against Georgius of the Rainbow in the attempt to disrupt his sealing spell. The blast of this spell is almost pitch-black, as it is purely Larva. From Georgius' point of view, Lieselotte poured in an amount of magical energy that is the equivalent of all magical energy currently available on the whole world at the time and concentrate this considerable amount of magical energy in form of a blast of energy, making it burn at a temperature that isn't possible by scientific mean. The spell devours all surrounding Aether. Even as Lieselotte was chanting, Georgius noted that all the Aether within his Astral Temple was devoured. Kakeru, who faced the same spell during his battle with the witch, with his Eye of Aeon, sensed that the spell not only devour Aether, but will also turn the devoured Aether into Larva.

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