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Red Night, the final level of Phantasmagoria

Phantasmagoria (幻燈結界 (ファンタズマゴリア) Fantazumagoria; lit. "Barrier of the Illusion Lamp" in Japanese) is Lieselotte Werckmeister's Specialized Bounded Field. It is portrayed as a blood-red world heavily stained with dark energy.


Phantasmagoria's abilities vary depending on the amount of magical power Lieselotte wants to spend. However, they have the same nature: creating illusions. The weakest level of illusions fools the eye, allowing Lieselotte to close in and finish her opponent off. A stronger level fools even the senses, but also requires Lieselotte to personally dispatch the enemy by herself. The next level however, is more nasty, as it makes the victim feel hurt by just believing in the illusions; depending on whether her opponent mentally breaks down from the shock or not, Lieselotte may or may not have to kill the enemy. The final level, also the strongest, is the manifestation of Red Night. Inside Red Night, illusions fool reality, making them no longer lies but the truth. This means that Lieselotte's victims will certainly die both physically and mentally when Red Night is released.