March 27, 1223





Raymond-Roger Trencavel (ラモン・ロジエル・トランカヴィル Ramon Rojieru Torankaviru) is a sub character in 11eyes: Resona Forma, If Story arc, made after the real life Raymond-Roger Trencavel. He is implied to be indirectly responsible for the crusade in 1209 because of his bad relationship with the Catholic Pope, Innocent III at the time. When the order of the crusade was announced, he and Pierre Rogièr de Cabal tried to sought an accommodation with the crusaders, but was met with only hostility. Without any other choice, he was forced to lead Béziers' population on a run back to Carcassonne, while Pierre stood his ground in Béziers to slow down the enemy forces. He warned Lisette Vertorre to abandon the convoy and flee into the forest when the crusaders approached.

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