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Shin-Ayame Landmark Tower in the center of Shin-Ayame

Shin-Ayame Landmark Tower (新綾女ランドマークタワー Shin-Ayame Randomaku Tawaa) is a skyscraper in Shin-Ayame and the tallest building in the entire Ayamegaoka.


Originally, it was the result of Ayamegaoka urbanization plan to rejuvenate the city. When the construction finished, the Tower offers Ayamegaoka's residents a few shopping malls and a good view from the highest floor. As time passed, many organization rooted themselves into the Tower and make it even more diverse. Apparently, the Ayanas shopping mall inside the Tower is the most well-known.

The Tower in the real world (upper) and in Red Night (lower)

Before it was built, the location was a hill with highest dark magical power concentration in the entire Japan, as such it was chosen by Lieselotte Werckmeister to execute her plan of destroying the world. However, as she successfully activated her Specialized Bounded Field-the red world of Phantasmagoria-she encountered the magi group of saint Georgius from Index and engaged them in battle. Although having the upper hand, Lieselotte was taken by surprise by Georgius of the Rainbow and was sealed inside a giant crystal as a result. However, her Specialized Bounded Field did not end by itself, the spell still was covering the whole city and the gate to the underworld was still expanding, which forced Georgius' group to erect six crystal towers using their life energy to stop the gate from opening any further.

Since the Shin-Ayame Landmark Tower did not exist during the time of the battle, it was somehow phased out of existence inside Red Night, instead, a crystal palace sealing Lieselotte stands in its place.