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Shoichiro Sakamoto (坂本 昌一郎 Sakamoto Shoichiro) is a Japanese music composer who mainly works on video game music and instrumentals. He is a representative for Independent music label “Sound Sepher”. He composed the OST for both the 11eyes game and anime series. Currently, he is working on the OST of Lass's newest product, Girls Sanctuary∽Girls Megalith Xenofield: The Garden of the Fifth Zoa.



12.30 Rising Force ~ Alice Soft Shade Only Arrange HWFL-0008 Arranger (as Jun.A)


10.24 Ochiba no Maugoro Original Sound Track SNO-006S Composer (as Jun.A)


04.29 f OEMM-0073 Arranger (as Jun.A)
05.03 Unlimited Sound Works ~ "Fate/stay night" Arrange Album ANWS-0401 Arranger (as Jun.A)
08.15 RAY-KUDRYAVKA musiX RKST-0001 Arranger (as Jun.A)
08.15 Cradle -Touhou Gengaku Shiten- SEPR-0001 Arranger (as Jun.A)
10.09 Junger Schnee NKBM-0003 Arranger (as Jun.A)
12.28 CLANNAD remix album -memento- KSLA-0016~7 Arranger (as Jun.A)
12.30 f II OEMM-0083 Arranger (as Jun.A)
12.30 Rebirth SEPR-0002 Arranger (as Jun.A)
12.30 @~Charisma~ SYCD-0001 Arranger (as Jun.A)


01.28 doll ~ Utahime vol.5 -Hibiki- DOC-0001 Arranger (as Jun.A)
01.28 doll ~ Utahime vol.6 -Mai- DOC-0002 Arranger (as Jun.A)
04.19 Mushihimesama Original Sound Track CVST-0002 Arranger
08.14 sepher.jp OEMM-0088 Arranger (as Jun.A)
12.29 Hunks Work Shop! Original Sound Track SRIN-1021 Arranger


05.?? Yumemisou Original Sound Track N/A Composer (as Jun.A)
08.13 Touhou Gensou Shiten "Banquet" LIVE-0001~2 Arranger (as Jun.A)
08.13 Fate/sound remixes "fragments" LIVE-0003 Arranger (as Jun.A), Mastering Engineer (as Jun.A)
08.13 "Vermillion" Liverne Extra Tracks 01 LIVE-0004 Arranger (as Jun.A)
12.22 REI-NANA ARRANGE CD N/A Arranger (as Jun.A)
12.31 Touhou Gensou Shiten 2 "Canon" LIVE-0005 Arranger (as Jun.A)


12.29 Trash006 NDS English Training Software - Soundtracks - SRES-0006 Composer, Arranger


04.25 11eyes -Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo- Sound Track N/A Composer, Arranger


05.05 11eyes Original Sound Track & Arrange Sound Track LACD-0002 Composer, Arranger
05.05 Impetuth Original Sound Tracks OGST-0001 Composer
06.05 Bright Kingdom Online Soundtrack SRIN-1061~2 Mastering Engineer
08.15 Touhou Gensou Mahjong Original Soundtrack DNAS-MJST Arranger (as Jun.A)
11.25 3D Dot Game Heroes ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK SVWC-7659 Composer
12.25 TV Animation 11eyes Original Soundtrack PCCG-90048 Composer, Arranger
12.30 Touhou Winter Festival N/A Arranger (as Jun.A)
12.30 Cradle2 SEPR-0003 Arranger (as Jun.A)


03.14 Touhou Gensou Shiten 3 "Deary" SEPR-0004 Arranger (as Jun.A)
08.14 GEONDAN Rare Tracks Ver 1.0 GODCD1 Composer
08.14 Megalomachia SEPR-0005 Composer
08.14 Touhou Gensou Shiten 4 "Excess" SEPR-0006 Arranger (as Jun.A)
12.30 Megalomachia2 SEPR-0007 Composer
12.30 Touhou Gensou Shiten 5 "Fable" SEPR-0008 Arranger (as Jun.A)
12.31 ProgressiveAndroid FOCD-0030 Composer


02.21 Nintendo 3DS The Fastest Sound Preview [Nintendo DREAM Vol. 204] N/A Composer
03.13 Touhou Gensou Shiten 6 "Grimoire" SEPR-0009 Arranger (as Jun.A)
04.15 11eyes -Resona Forma- ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK N/A Composer
04.17 Akiba Cultural Festival Compilation CD Vol.2 N/A Arranger (as Jun.A)
05.09 Mamoru-kun wa Norowarete Shimatta! Meikai Katsugeki Arrange Tracks SRIN-1087 Arranger
06.24 Soil KSLA-0070 Arranger
08.13 sepher.jp Touhou Arrange Collection I SEPR-0010 Arranger (as Jun.A)
08.24 Airu Love You / I'll Love You ~Monster Hunter Arrange à la carte ~ SRIN-1081 Arranger
09.30 GeOnDan Super Rare Trax: The LAND of RISING SUN GODSPCD-1 Composer
12.30 Touhou Gensou Shiten 7 "Harmonia" SEPR-0012 Arranger (as Jun.A)


01.13 Youyou Kengeki Musou Original Sound Tracks SEPR-0011 Arranger (as Jun.A)
04.30 GeOnDan RareTrax the LAST GODCD3 Composer
04.30 Gensou Toshokan SEPR-0013 Composer
05.27 Touhou Gensou Shiten 8 "Idea" SEPR-0014 Arranger (as Jun.A)
08.11 GothicLolita ORCHESTRION SEPR-0015 Composer
08.11 Touhou Gensou Shiten 9 "Joker" SEPR-0016 Arranger (as Jun.A)
12.03 Ragnarok Online BGM Arrange Collection N/A Arranger
12.30 Touhou Gensou Shiten 10 "Kalpa" SEPR-0017 Arranger (as Jun.A)