Sisters House

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The houses of sisters

Sisters House (姉妹の家 Shimai no Ie) is a Cartharism Church in Béziers, France in 1209. The building was sanctuary for Cathars of Béziers, mostly women until the sack of Béziers event.


Founded by Maria Magdalene, the Sisters House engages itself in what believed to be the original teachings of Jesus Christ, which is mostly based on the ban of cruelty. Cathars are taught that how they live their current life affect their afterlife; doing good deeds allows one to be reborn as a human being while committing cruelty reduces one to merely a beast. Consequently, killing is prohibited, even if the victim is not human. This also makes eating any kind of meat but fish a taboo. Additionally, sexual intercourse is not forbidden if the reason is for reproduction, but committing the act out of curiosity and lust is considered extremely unholy.

Known dwellers


  • Currently, the Sisters House is known as the Béziers Cathedral in both real life and game.
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