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Nanako Chikami (wife)


Takashi Matsuyama

Takahiro Kuroda (黒田 隆弘 Kuroda Takahiro) is the owner of Cyberiad, a cafe where Kakeru Satsuki and Yukiko Hirohara work part-time at. He appears quite a lot in the game, but his role is only to relieve the tension and does not affect the main plot in any way (although he does suffer some property damage from Takahisa Tajima's outbreak). In the anime, he is briefly mentioned, but does not appear otherwise. He can (almost) accurately measure women's three sizes by simply looking, as shown when the girls of Sin, Damnation and the Atonement Girl arc said that the waitress uniforms he had made suited them perfectly. In 11eyes: Resona Forma, Kuroda's wife is revealed to be Nanako Chikami. This also implied he is the protagonist of Festa!!, Lass' third product.