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Combat machine


Benedictus of the Bookshelf
Scholastica of the Bookshelf



Uastyrdji (ワステュルジ Wasuteyuruji) is a gigantic combat machine produced by the Holy Office of Index. It is also called Archangelus Orienta (大天使騎士団 (アルカンジェルス・オリエンタ) Arukengerusu Orienta; lit. "Eastern Archangel" in Latin, "Archangel Knight" in Japanese).


The machine is driven by Benedictus of the Bookshelf and the psyche of his sister, Scholastica of the Bookshelf's. It is an artificial body with modifications similar to that of a tanker unit, allowing the user to release forbidden magic. Naturally, Benedictus is in charge of combat and Scholastica stays on the look-out for enemies from blind spots. Not only that Uastyrdji's power output is great, but the external armor, which is supported by magical power is also very tough, making it almost impossible to be destroyed. However, since Uastyrdji is driven by the psyche of Benedictus and Scholastica, it will cease to function and become defenseless should both operators suffer from a mental breakdown. However, it's forbidden to use Uastyrdji.


  • Analogia Hesychasm (段階聖奠・万軍位 (アナロギア・ヘシュカスム) Anarogia Heshukasumu; lit. "Analogical Hesychasm" in Latin, "Sacrament Stage: Silent Mode" in Japanese): The standard mode of Uastyrdji allows free three-dimensional movement, simple offensive/defensive power and energy conservation. In this mode, Uastyrdji can deal with most kinds of enemies, from small to medium in quantity.
  • Analogia Sabaoth (段階聖奠・静寂位 (アナロギア・サバオト) Anarogia Sabaoto; lit. "Analogical Army" in Latin, "Sacrament Stage: Army Mode" in Japanese): The second mode allows Uastyrdji to increase power output to much greater scale, enabling attacks with large area-of-effect. This mode is most suitable for dealing with masses of enemies.
  • Analogia Bibliotheca (段階聖奠・図書位 (アナロギア・ビブリオティカ) Anarogia Biburi otika; lit. "Analogical Library" in Latin, "Sacrament Stage: Grimoire Mode" in Japanese): The final mode and also most powerful is meant for releasing one sole spell: Bibliotheca Pan Magica, a spell that releases the compressed power of all six hundreds grimoires of Benedictus. Its firepower is said to be more than capable of eradicating a country in a single night. The drawback however, is that this mode requires Benedictus to remove all limitations, including Dzerassæ, and consumes a lot of magical power, making the act of activating it an all-or-nothing gamble.



  • Uastyrdji's head is hardly visible due to the color scheme and tiny eyes. It is easy to mistake the humanoid decoration in the middle of the machine for its head.
  • In the Ossetian mythologia, Uastyrdji was the name of a three-legged horse coming from underwater home.