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Rtys8 Rtys8 9 November 2014

Gosh,it's been a long time.

Unfortunately,it seems i have run into a problem with my copy of the crossover pc edition,hoping it's fixed after reinstall.

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Rtys8 Rtys8 20 September 2014

Checking on scenes past October 20th

Okay,basically,this is where the "routes" diverge. Also,couple with version differences,i think the best approach is to record down all the scenes,then arrange them in the routes,along with the version differences.

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Rtys8 Rtys8 13 September 2014

Well,finally done with all of the scenes on October 8th

  • Phew,that was hard work.

But now,we get a feel of how clumsily fragile the interactions of the Fragments of the Void was like.

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Rtys8 Rtys8 24 August 2014

Okay, this is a bit of a problem....

Seriously.....is this safe to be on Youtube?

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Rtys8 Rtys8 23 August 2014

Another one accomplished,but what a long journey...

Ok.....now that i am done with Yuka's crossover scene of: For the one she loves October 8th .

This is why i wanted this translated,so everyone can understand the real story of 11EYES.There's just too much that could'nt be simply told without reading it in detail.

Ok,i know my translations are mainly from the inferior chinese script,so i tried to patch up many various inaccuracies with the JP script.

The chinese script sometimes loses the sentiments of the original,like in that scene,where Yuka mentally calls out Kakeru's name three times in a row.

This was one of the indications she isn't mentally sound and was possibly yandere for him.

I know,i dont have knowledge of JP as a language,so there will be inaccuracies,but i want to believe i can de…

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