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War Hammer of Cristoforo

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Weapon, bludgeon


Christophorus of the Iron Fists (previous owner)
Samson of the War Hammer (previous owner)
Gula (last owner)



The War Hammer of Cristoforo (クリストフォロの戦鎚 Kurisutoforo no Sensui) is Samson of the War Hammer's weapon, given by Christoforus of the Iron Fists. Its name is a Hammer, but appearance is more similar to a club. It does not have any special power, but can be a lethal weapon in the right hand. It is most likely made from a special type of extremely hard metal to handle rough impacts. The tip of the Hammer is golden in color, but it is unclear if gold is the component, since gold is not a very tough metal to be made into weapons in the first place. However, considering the setting of the story, the Hammer could have reinforcing magic to ensure its indestructibility.