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Royal magus

Werckmeister (ヴェルクマイスター Berukumaisuta) is a magus and Lieselotte Werckmeister's master. He is said to be knowledgeable about Zoroastrianism and well-versed in the magic of the Orient, a trait that makes Lieselotte see him more of a magic researcher rather than an ordinary magus. He is also one of the few that Lieselotte actually respects. Before meeting Verard, Lisette, or rather, her dark ego, trained under Werckmeister, intending to find a way to undo her immortality by herself. During this period, Werckmeister was continuously amazed by Lieselotte's unlimited magical power. As time passed, their training gradually became talents exchanging instead of master teaching apprentice. At roughly the age of 180 however, Werckmeister's body and mind reached their limits. Before dying, he gave Lisette the name 'Lieselotte', a Royal Roman version of her name and told her to keep on studying magic.