Yululu of the West

Yululu of the West

Emerald Tablet's fragment


Genkhis Khan (previous owner)


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Yululu of the West (西方の福緑石 Saiho no Yururu) is a fragment of the Emerald Tablet that came to the East as a trophy of Gengkhis Khan conquest of the West. According to what Lieselotte Werckmeister had heard, the fragment was believed to be even larger than Johanna's God's Name Tablet. This fragment can instantly transport a troop of 5,000 across a great river when wished to sincerely. The stone used to be revered along with Gengkhis Khan's blood clot in Mongolia. For some time later in present days, a small shard extracted from it, known as the Emerald Fragment was found in a China treasure vault. That fragment was recovered by Ryouichi Kusakabe.

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